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‘Daffodil’ in sudden heat

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The flowers daffodils burst into laughter at the sudden warmth

The flowers daffodils burst into laughter at the sudden warmth. He laughed a lot one day. Usually their laughter lasts for months once it starts. Then when the other flowers come, they slowly leave, as if arrogantly thinking that they will come again next year alone.

Their name is Narcissus who loves himself very much. They don’t want to share themselves with others. Love wants all for itself. That’s why it stands out alone and attracts people’s attention.

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But what happened this time, on the day of their emergence, it started to rain heavily. This time is occupied by rain. There is a saying April showers bring May flowers. But in April, it started to be scorching hot without rain. The cracked soil of Chaitra is in the condition of Chouchi. Ice water dries out the crunchy texture very quickly. It was neither snowed nor rained upon. As soon as the snow disappeared, the ground became dry. The next day, with heavy snowfall and wind, the temperature dropped from twenty-four Celsius to minus six.

What is the condition of flowers? Can’t keep head straight. A load of ice and a push of wind on it. When I returned home at night, I saw them lying down in a pitiful state as if they were unable to stand up due to a huge illness. I’m sad that I didn’t stay with them for long this time.

Today is the third day after the two-day storm, I see again smiling with the sun.

They were supposed to bloom after ten days as usual. Not all bloomed. Those that have not yet bloomed will slowly process themselves and may remain so for quite some time. However, those who have emerged quickly can withstand the pressure of nature well.
The natural environment is changing. We are changing in many ways.

We are changing the laws of nature in many ways. Now a big reason tiling system is becoming very popular day by day for quick water removal.

Farmers here are terribly big people. It doesn’t matter to them tiling over thousands of square kilometers. In order to get more time only for fifteen days, this tiling is being filled under the field land.

Tiling is unfamiliar to many people, so let me tell you a little more about it. After months of snowfall, the snow lies across the field. Then rain throughout April. The soil of the field is thick and muddy. If you step on it, you have to sink.

Here the farmers no longer plow the fields with cows, horses or themselves. Bring down the badi badi tractor and plow thousands of acres of fields in a few with the help of the machine alone. Again there are some machines that do not need any human. If you leave it on the field, it will work. Finished work alone.

However, to bring these rental machines to the field, we have to rely on nature to remove the wetness of the soil. That time may take more than fifteen days.

But farmers sit all year round working for these few months of the year. So they don’t want to wait more than fifteen days for these few months of work. Therefore, tiling is used to remove groundwater quickly. Thick pipes are laid across the field. The pipes through which the water moves into the lower drainage system. Farmers can get to the field faster. Crops are harvested faster as a result. Many farmers plant winter crops in the fields and many prepare the fields for next year.

It may have some benefits. But there is a huge disadvantage. Water that is supposed to be naturally underground is going elsewhere through the drainage system. The water level drops so low during summer that I have seen for the last few years. This has never happened before.

This year the water level is very low this spring. Who knows what will happen in the summer. Usually there is flood at this time. Many homes have basements that sink. I haven’t heard anything this time. When spring comes, the water pump in my basement automatically turns on. When the water reaches a certain height, it is pumped out to prevent flooding in the basement. This time I did not get any sound from the pump. Because the water has not crossed that limit.

In all the lakes people used to fish. Ducks, birds used to water all those lakes water is completely dry in summer I have seen for last few years. Another thing happens, sinkholes appear a lot. Here and there suddenly the soil will give a big hole.
On the one hand, many parts of the world are drowning in salt water, on the other hand, fresh water is decreasing in many parts of the world. This is because humans are obstructing nature in various ways by enjoying more benefits.

Global warming is increasing. Lack of oxygen in the environment due to the filling of canals and the loss of trees. But we love to live in modern urban environment. We don’t like rural open mud houses anymore. The happiness of living in a sky-high building is different.

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