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The youth who failed to steal the car were tortured

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Quebec police say that doesnt mean theyre discounting young people But what they really want is to put their bosses in jail

A Montreal police commander revealed on April 18 that the lucrative underworld market has turned into the violent arms of organized crime. He made the announcement while speaking to members of parliament about Canada’s car theft crisis. He said that if the young people who were given the task of stealing cars failed, they were often physically abused.

He said, we have seen these young people between 15 and 25 years of age. We’ve also seen young people from Montreal to Toronto steal cars and, if they’re not successful, torture them in Toronto.

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Quebec police say that doesn’t mean they’re discounting young people. But what they really want is to put their bosses in jail.

“I think if we really want to have an impact and break the cycle and reduce the crisis, we really have to reach out to the people who hold the strings,” said Michel Patenaud, chief inspector of Surrey du Quebec. and those operating the network. They are transporting and exporting these stolen cars and are in touch with foreigners.

Montreal and Vancouver ports are the final destinations for stolen cars before heading overseas. Port officials told the House of Commons public safety committee that it is not currently possible to search every container leaving Canada.

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