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Time stops

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Chanchal Chowdhurys performance as Sharafat Karim Ayana is unmatched Praise cannot end

A lie becomes true, everything is true for everyone, it’s acting for me.

I was talking about the movie “Ainabaji” produced by Amitabh Reza Chowdhury released in 2016. Which was recently released on the OTT platform Hochihai. Even though I saw the movie in contemporary times, I watched the movie again after a long time. Even though it is an old movie, it looks as new as before. A content often feels boring after watching it twice, it is watched over and over again. But it didn’t feel like that in the case of this movie.

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Many people know nothing to tell the story of the movie anew. The center of the movie is Bindu Sharafat Karim Ayana. Whose work is for others in exchange for a hefty salary. He does not take all cases. In cases where the payment is good and the character of the accused has room to play, another person can enter. But suddenly got stuck in a case. From this it will come out how this was the climax of the movie.

Chanchal Chowdhury’s performance as Sharafat Karim Ayana is unmatched. Praise cannot end. Apart from Chanchal Chowdhury, Partha Barua, Brindavan Das, Nabila, Lutfur Rahman George Sakal’s performances were worth watching. Everyone gave their best from their place.
The movie location, color grading, cinematography, BGM were all mesmerizing. In one last word, if you haven’t seen mirroring, you haven’t seen it in the movie.

Ayanabaaji is an original story movie. The movie is like a traditional fairy tale of Bangladeshi politics. Where power and money mean everything. Reality is a cruel game. When the character of Sharafat Karim Ayana is mentioned in this movie, the talk of Judge Mia comes to mind first. How do all the criminals remain hidden from the public eye under the powerful umbrella?

The mirror character of Chanchal playing the lead role in the movie is like that mirror. It changes form every moment.

Trying to emulate anyone has given many an opportunity. The frequent color changes of the scenes in this movie will catch your eyes. One person but many characters. Chameleon can take on any situation Although his first attempt at acting was not successful, his actual acting was successful. No one could understand his secret. Chanchal played six roles in the movie as if he was the soul of the performance in each role. Everything from his dialogues to his acting in the movie has been brilliantly portrayed.

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