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Freedom of expression

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The public burning of religious books in Sweden happened once again last January by a Christian and this time by a Muslim

In front of a mosque in Stockholm, Sweden, with the permission of the court, a young man named Salwan Momika, a Sunni Muslim of Iraqi origin, protested by setting fire to the Holy Quran on the day of Eid on June 28. authorized the killing. ‘

Momika and another follower, X Muslim, kicked the holy book like a football before burning it. The Swedish government says it is a matter of free expression of people’s opinions which is a democratic right of the people of Sweden. The government is embarrassed by the incident but could not take any police action against Mohammad Momika due to court approval. Most of the Muslim countries of the world strongly condemned the incident and demanded Momika’s trial on charges of blasphemy.

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The public burning of religious books in Sweden happened once again last January by a Christian, and this time by a Muslim. I don’t want to go into any debate about such protests, but one thing surprised me, the Tawheed people of Bangladesh didn’t make a big deal about it, they digested it completely silently! What is the reason?

If this incident happened in India, would they be sitting at home? I know how there was a protest in Bangladesh after the famous Indian composer Sonu Nigam once demanded to stop using microphones in the Azan of mosques citing the reason of sound pollution. At that time millions of Tawhidi people came down the streets of Dhaka. As a result of this incident, an innocent tailor in India was killed by radical fanatics, but the public of India and Bangladesh did not say anything about the incident in Sweden!! … can be imagined!

In a national daily news I saw that 5000 people went to India for medical treatment yesterday only through Benapole border check post. Every day at least 20 thousand Bangladeshis are going to India through all the borders and air routes of Bangladesh for better treatment. The fortunes of many people in Bangladesh have opened up through the business of border trade, import and export. If India’s oil masala is not fruitful, we cannot live a day, but the majority of people in Bangladesh openly and secretly hate India from the depths of their hearts.

According to them, India is the only country which is the enemy of Islam. But India has the largest number of Muslims in the world. None of them fled from India to Pakistan or Bangladesh. They have equal power in government and private jobs. They politicize there with the head, enjoy the power and in some areas keep the majority on the mir and run. Former American President Barack Obama does not believe that, he said that the Muslims of India have no rights, they are oppressed and oppressed! He said this recently to make India’s Prime Minister’s visit to the United States controversial, but during his time many Muslims were killed by the US Army on his orders. There was no march against Barack Obama in Bangladesh against Narendra Modi.

What is the psychological aspect of anti-Indian people of Bangladesh? I beat the one whom I get the benefit of, I rescue the fourteen clans of him! India has sent their army against any Muslim country? Has India done any harm to any Muslim country without benefit? So why this anti-India? Why do we have this low-mindedness to press Udo Pindi Budho’s neck? We are good because we have neighbors like India. If our neighbor is Pakistan, what would be the situation, has anyone thought?

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