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The yellow toilet will turn white in 1 minute

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The most important place in the house is the bathroom. As important as the bedroom and kitchen, if this place is not kept clean, various diseases can appear. Many people use cleaners to clean the bathroom. But you can keep the bathroom clean without using toilet cleaner. Using the cleaner two to three times a month is enough. It will also save money and save time.

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Some clean the toilet once a month or once a week. That’s why everyone uses different types of toilet cleaners. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough time to clean the commode two to three times a week. The commode must be cleaned in such a way that all germs are killed.

Using this technique on toilet cleaning flash tank will make the toilet sparkling white in 1 minute. Medicines, soap, caustic soda are needed for this.

First, 10-12 medicines should be crushed and powdered. Then cut the soap into small pieces. Now mix well with soap, medicinal powder and caustic soda in the mixer. Add light water to it to make small balls. As many tablets as possible should be made from this mixture and kept in a box.

Once the pills are made, they should be placed in the toilet bowl flush tank. For this only one or two balls should be kept daily. With this, every time the toilet is flushed after use, not only will the aroma spread, but also the dirt and germs stuck in the container will be removed. This tablet made from these three ingredients will dissolve in water and will be effective in keeping utensils clean.

This method will keep the toilet clean. The bathroom can be kept clean easily without using toilet cleaner. Using the cleanser two to three times a month is enough. It will also save money and time.

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