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What to do if Heat Stroke is Suspected

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Extreme temperatures carry the risk of heat stroke

Extreme temperatures carry the risk of heat stroke. So there is no chance to spoil it. Everyone should be careful this summer. All kinds of risks should be avoided as the temperature increases. There is no alternative to being aware and vigilant in preventing heat stroke. That is why it is important to inform others about its symptoms and prevention in addition to knowing yourself. If you think someone is having a heat stroke, they need to get some help right away. Let’s find out-

Monitoring breathing and circulation
Closely monitor the breathing and circulation of a person suffering from heat stroke. If he becomes unconscious or stops breathing, start CPR immediately and continue until emergency medical help is received. That’s why you need to know CPR. It helps save lives in many emergency situations.

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Drink cold drinks
Drink cold water or electrolyte-rich drinks to avoid the effects of heat stroke. But avoid extra cold drinks or food. Because eating something too cold can cause shivering, which can increase body heat production.

Wet cloth or ice pack
A person suffering from heat stroke will have a high body temperature. In such cases, use cool and wet cloths or ice packs to reduce his body temperature. Apply it more on the affected person’s head, neck, armpits and groin. Because these places are the main heat exchange areas of the body.

Keep in a cool and shaded environment
Get the person with heat stroke out of the sun quickly and into a cool, shaded area. It is best if you can take it in an air-conditioned environment. Such an environment will help in reducing the body temperature of the affected person.

Loosen clothing
Avoid wearing heavy or tight clothes this summer. Suggest the same to others. Choose colors that are as light and soothing as possible. Avoid wearing black clothes this summer. If you think someone is suffering from heat stroke, loosen their clothing.

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