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The Intensity of the Sun’s Heat: The Story Behind It

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The Sun is a medium sized star in the known universe the only parent star of our solar family

The Sun is a medium-sized star in the known universe, the only parent star of our solar family.

How is it that it has been scorching us lately with its warmth? Basically: The Sun is a large nuclear reactor. Its diameter is approximately 14 lakh kilometers. The temperature at the center of the sun is approximately 15 million degrees Celsius.

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Here in the center of the Sun nuclear fusion (carbon carbon cycle) reaction takes place, whereby every moment hydrogen atoms are burned and turned into heavier helium elements under extreme pressure and heat (this is a continuous process. Over hundreds of billions of years, helium gradually turns into heavier heavier elements. will be produced and likewise each time some mass will be lost in the form of energy.

When elemental iron emerges at the very last moment, central heat and pressure will arrive. At this time no more nuclear reactions will take place in the center i.e. the sun will die). In this sequential process, 2 hydrogen atoms combine to form 1 helium atom of ‘nearly’ equal mass.

Let’s say, the mass of 1 hydrogen molecule is 1 gram and the mass of 1 helium molecule is 1.85 grams. Now, in the nuclear reaction in the sun, 2 hydrogen atoms combine to produce 1 helium atom. In this case, the mass of 2 hydrogen molecules is 2 grams, but the mass of one helium molecule obtained in the reaction is 1.85 grams, that is, about 0.15 grams of its mass remains as a residue.

Here is the game of nature!! According to the “Constant Law of Energy” energy never disappears, it only transforms from one form to another. So the 0.15 gram of mass lost as described is being expended (mainly through the solar wind) in the form of heat, various types of radioactive radiation, scattering of mysterious neutrino cones, radiation of electromagnetic energy etc.

It is estimated that approximately 62 million tons of hydrogen atoms are burned every second, producing approximately 61.5 million tons of helium atoms. As a result, the Sun is losing approximately 500,000 tonnes of mass every second. This large amount of lost mass is the main source of heat that consumes us.

The temperature of the sun varies over its sphere, which sometimes seems strange to the naked eye. For example, the temperature of the center of the sun is 15 million degrees centigrade, but the temperature of the surface of the sun is only 6 thousand degrees! But the temperature of isolated layer called ‘corona’ located near the surface of the sun is approximately 1000,000 degrees centigrade!! Due to the intense pressure and heat caused by nuclear reactions, intense magnetic fields are sometimes created on the surface of the sun, as a result of which those areas of the sun appear somewhat blurry or black. These are called sunspots. Such events cause great turbulence on the surface of the Sun and cause solar storms. The visible length of the resulting solar storm can be millions of miles. Their temperature ranges up to hundreds of thousands of degrees Celsius.

The distance of our earth from the sun is about 93 million miles. Which can increase or decrease by about 30/35 lakh kilometers during aphelion & perihelion cycles. At the moment, the distance between the Earth and the Sun is relatively small, which will reach the maximum distance next July. Due to the short distance, the intensity of the sun’s temperature is great, but according to scientists, the intensity of the sun’s temperature is not felt more or less on the earth due to the difference in distance, but the deterioration of the earth’s environment is the main reason for this increase in intensity.

That is to say, as a result of environmental disturbances, the two opposite religious variations in nature have been created in nature: ‘El Niña’ (temperature extremes) and ‘La Lina’ (excessive rainfall trends) (two Mexican words meaning ‘fierce teenager’ and ‘fierce girl’ respectively). .

As a result, what happens is happening; As a consequence of the indiscriminate progress of civilization, we have to face the extreme punishment of nature!!

In such a situation, we need to reduce carbon emissions, stop indiscriminate deforestation, plan for planned urbanization, create biodegradable materials, and plan waste management in order to overcome the extreme situation of nature.

For these, only the government of any country or any institution cannot be held responsible, with this overall system, every person, every institution, every society, every neighborhood, every family has some responsibility for the 8 billion people of the world…. It is a global disaster, its impact is not bounded by the boundaries of a particular country, its impact is without borders… Hence the need for a well-planned collective initiative is essential to overcome this situation.

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