Sunday, July 21, 2024

Lipi’s painting exhibition in Toronto

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artworks of Taiba Begum Lipi on the TTC

The famous Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in downtown Toronto is one of the few prestigious museums in the world. An exhibition called ‘Being and Beyond’ is going on in that museum. This exhibition is going on with the works of twenty-five contemporary artists of the Muslim world. Taiba Begum Lipi’s artwork from Bangladesh has been included in the exhibition.

Not only did Lippi participate, his artwork was featured prominently on exhibition banner festoons, billboards and webpages. Even the walls of Toronto’s public transportation buses and trains feature Lippi’s artwork.

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She has several artworks with stainless steel blades to highlight the pains of female life, adolescence. I have been fortunate enough to see many. They have gained popularity worldwide. Lipi’s artworks are in this exhibition.

While walking on the streets of Toronto, I was suddenly surprised to see these artworks of Taiba Begum Lipi on the TTC bus or train. Another reason for pride is Lippi Gaibandha’s daughter. Lippi is my junior by a couple of years academically and we grew up together in the traditional Gaibandha art culture.

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