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We are all waiting for Ram

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I thought of this story in the context of Dr Yunus being sentenced to six months in prison

Shurpankha was the sister of King Ravan of Lanka. She once proposed love to King Ramachandra. But Ram then married Sita. So he cannot agree to Shurpankha’s proposal. Then obstinate Shurpankha proposes love to Ram’s brother Lakshmana. But Laxman doesn’t like Shurpankha so he rejects this offer.

Meanwhile, Rama’s wife Sita was a beautiful woman and Shurpankha was fierce. Then Shurpankha thinks that it is Sita who is behind this retreat of Ram and Lakshmana. He then attacked Sita and Laxman cut off Shurpankha’s nose. Ram Ravan’s war and all the Lankan incidents are to take revenge for that nose cutting; A complete Ramayana.

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Some say that Shurpankha or Ram took revenge on his brother by cutting off his own nose to avenge Lakshmana’s rejection. Since then, everyone says ‘cut your nose and ruin your next journey’.

I am not much of a researcher. I have read some of these stories and heard some. But the characters of this story have been seen lately. I thought of this story in the context of Dr. Yunus’s six-month imprisonment. Lately Shurpankhara is very tough and strong. We are all waiting for Ram. Ravan will not be killed unless there is another Lankan war.

May Allah guide us all.

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