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The status of Puntius

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photo of Puntius Hossain Ahmed

In the past, there was no fish in the hands of poor people.
The poor used to live on green onions-onions-Pantavata.
A very large pair of water-swelling dals were attached
That’s why the poor Guppus Guppus sabed the plate.
A fish was only a small lump of Morulla Punti
One or two.
All the big fish belonged to the rich, Rui-Katla all
Rich in the clamor of the fish market.
They used to buy chital-boal-lobsters
The poor man’s kitchen was satisfied with small fish.
All the big fish used to swim on Rich’s plates
The poor ate all the small fish with very big balls.
How many surprises happen in this world!
The chest stands up in a new scenario!
Times have changed and customs have changed
Rich’s love for the Puntius is now incredible.
Now the price of Puntius has increased and the market of Puntius has increased
Poor people are not allowed to touch the feet.
Puntius is now a very expensive fish, not insignificant at all
Today, all the fish in the market will join the fortune of the rich.
Now their very favorite fish is shiny Puntius!
The poor man does not get one or two…!

Ottawa 06 August 2023

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