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Laapataa Ladies

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Poster of Laapataa Ladies

Let’s say that those who have high expectations can avoid it. Because it is a slow movie. You may not like it. With Kiran Rao in the direction and Aamir Khan as the producer, expectations can be high.

At the very beginning of the intro graphics, you will get a peace of mind and the BGM has a pleasing feel. As you would think from the name of the movie, actually the story of the movie is correct.

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The new bride is being carried on the roof of the bus. It will be a bit eye-catching if you see it suddenly, but the main thing is that it is a story of 2001 that goes with it.

A girl’s desire to study but family and social pressure-marriage. Urge to find her own way. The exorbitant dowry of that time. Love combination, family ties will see almost everything.
All’s well that ends well has a saying. This is almost what happens in movies. But not the opposite in this movie.

The language in the movie is also beautiful. No offensive language was used.

The cast gave them a hundred. Beautiful and graceful acting is all time spent. It is never possible to do these types of characters if they are not natural. It has shown the return of cinema.

You will not like the first part. In the end, you will get as much as you expect.

IMDB- 8.5/10
Director -Kiron Rao
Pratibha as jaya
Nitanshi as Phool
Sparsh Srivastav as Dreepak
Rabi kishan as Shyam Monohor
Durgesh as Dubey ji

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