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Heat stroke and some words

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The problem is this heat is not a fever There is no familiar feeling like a fever

Not once, I suffered from heat stroke twice. Survived without major damage. However, seeing many deaths due to heat stroke yesterday, I realized how much I survived. Although not dead, I would have been in danger both times if no one was by my side. First heat stroke while standing in water. The moment I fell into the water, my cousin caught me. There was knee-deep water. If I was alone, I could have drowned easily.

The second stroke occurred on the hospital stairs. This time, my Mez brother stood as a shield in the time of falling. If you fall on the stairs, you will get some kind of injury. I felt the need to tell two things from these two incidents. First, let’s talk about the heat stroke experience. Never twice but I didn’t quite understand the danger ahead. Start with lots of heat. When we feel hot, our body burns, but the body does not get hot like a fever. The body has a natural cooling system. The body expels excess heat through sweat. This mechanism fails before heat stroke occurs. So the body will be warm.

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The problem is, this heat is not a fever. There is no familiar feeling like a fever. In the heat there is a state of discomfort, it is not noticed that the body temperature is not normal. It is not in the mind to feel with the hands. But the body keeps getting hot. Can go from 100 degrees to 102, 102 to 104, even 106 degrees Fahrenheit. This whole thing happened in a very short time.

There are basically two feelings at the moment of heat stroke. One is how nauseous it will be. Most victims would probably do what I did. Then look around to find the cause of nausea. Or will think, there must have been a mess in the food. The second feeling is feeling bad. There is no explanation for this bad feeling. A little discomfort, a little turmoil. Confusion. I think, why do I feel like this? Shall I sit down? Oh hang on, it looks like it’s going to be alright. Am I feeling too bad? Tell someone? Don’t stay, walk or work a little, then take a rest. It happens a lot. All right, all right.
But it won’t be right.

You will be more confused. Talk will get involved. You will lose control of your body and the ability to speak in a moment. Then you will not get a chance to move your feet; will fall These symptoms or feelings that I talked about, these things do not take much time to happen. Just a few minutes. This time will put you at risk of death. That is, those of you who will go out and work this summer should be careful in the first second if you experience these symptoms and feelings.

Check the heat with your hands. Halt if it seems too much. No confusion can be read. When walking, stop walking and sit in the shade. If there are no trees, enter a nearby store or garage. If the body heat is high, drink water immediately or ask someone for water. If you delay making decisions at this time, you will soon lose control of your thoughts. There will be severe confusion. Then your fate will be in someone else’s hands.

And yes, these things don’t just happen outside. There is a possibility of happening in your own home. The risk may increase, especially if the bathroom door is closed for long periods of time. The second part of my experience is helping others. Both times I got quick service by my own people. Both are my blood relatives, they helped me without a second delay. They had no experience handling such patients. With just intuition, they took me in the shade, aired me, took off my clothes, gave me cold water.

It’s time for a hit web, it’s literally disaster time. People have to support each other in times of disaster. If anyone sees a person with symptoms of heat stroke sitting down or slumped over, please help them. Take it to the shade at the beginning. wind up Allow air to flow. If you are a man, feel free to take off your top clothes. If the victim is a woman, help can be taken from nearby women if possible. Massage hands, feet and neck with cold water or ice Remember, there is only one way to reduce heat stroke damage; Cool down as quickly as possible. If there is a delay, the risk of loss will increase. Can cause brain damage, kidney failure.

Some common advice for everyone. Everyone knows, also reminding-

1. It is best not to go out just to chat unless absolutely necessary.

2. When you go out, you should keep as much water as possible. Drink water little by little.

3. It is better to go out wearing white thin and cotton clothes.

4. Keep cap, umbrella with you.

5. If you notice any abnormality in your body during summer, assume the worst and take action accordingly.

After all, there is no substitute for displaying a tolerant and humane mind in disasters. Be kind to your subordinates. If you have extra water you can offer it to your rickshaw puller. Those who have the opportunity, please keep water system for the working people in their homes. There is no way to deny the existence of workers and day laborers in the survival of a country and society. If possible, you can consider a little in terms of paying these few days.

Disaster will not last long. It will go away even if it takes some people’s lives. The appeal to our human senses is eternal. Without humane behavior and helping each other we cannot survive. Even if it survives, it cannot be called healthy survival.

Everyone be aware. Take care of yourself and your family. Having survived a heat stroke, I know how terrifying the experience can be. I wish that you at least do not get this experience through your own negligence. Love for all.

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