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Golapganj people’s grand reunion fair in Toronto in a colorful arrangement

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Family and Friends Get Together 2023 of Golapganj Foundation of Toronto Ontario Canada was held at Morning Side Park located at 390 Morning Side Scarborough on Monday August 7th

Family and Friends Get Together 2023 of Golapganj Foundation of Toronto, Ontario, Canada was held at Morning Side Park located at 390 Morning Side, Scarborough on Monday, August 7th.

At 12 o’clock the market started to appear spontaneously from different places of Toronto, men and women of different ages and many dignitaries of Toronto from different places of Toronto. The meeting place was filled to the brim.

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The Honorable President of Golapganj Foundation of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Mr. Newaz Chowdhury Saju announced the ceremonial inauguration through a welcome speech. Mr. Rifat Chowdhury, Honorable Convener of Family and Friends Get Together and Mr. Chabir Ahmed Shaheen, Honorable General Secretary of Golapganj Foundation of Toronto, Ontario, Canada jointly conducted the program with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Mr. Mahdi Chowdhury. Our Sylhet was present as the chief guest. Proud MPP Dolly Begum and all the members of the Honorable Advisory Board of the Organization and all the members of the Executive Council.

Many of them went back to their motherland Bangladesh in their dreams after eating and chatting. Food stalls named after some famous markets of Golapganj were arranged in the ceremony. The names of the stalls are Golapganj Chowmuhani, Parganar Bazar, Ranaping Bazar, Mirganj Bazar, Dhaka Dakshin Bazar. Every stall had a great arrangement of food. From chicken rolls to chai, pan-supari, jhalmuri, jilabi, sadavat, polao roast chicken, beef with satkara and boot dal with khasi meat and many other arrangements.

The day-long Milon Fair was accompanied by a variety of sporting events that provided a lot of entertainment to all present. Golapganj Foundation of Toronto, Ontario Canada, this time the first family and friends get together gift cards were given as prizes to the first, second and third place winners in all kinds of sports. Honorable Youth and Sports Affairs Secretary Mr. Salim Ahmad, Executive Council Member Mr. Jabrul Islam and Abu Zahir Mohammad Saqib were in charge of managing the sports. An interesting event towards the end of the program was the Raffle Draw which brought much joy to all.

And in charge of this Raffle Draw was Mr. Zubair Ahmed, Honorable Successful Organizing Secretary of the organization and Mr. Manzoor Ahmed, Member of Executive Council.

The first prize of this year’s Raffle Draw was a flight ticket from Toronto to Vancouver. 2nd prize was a TV. 3rd prize was a laptop. 4th prize was a bicycle. 5th prize was a microwave. The sixth prize was an air fryer and the seventh prize was a fan.

Mr. Abdur Rahman, Jalal Chowdhury, Moin Chowdhury, Nehal Chowdhury, Noor Uddin, Layek Chowdhury, Saleh Ahmed, Golam Mostafa Babul, Mohiuddin Ahmed, Shamim Chowdhury etc. were present at the prize distribution ceremony and distributed the prize. And the honorable members of the Executive Council are Misbahul Qadir Fahim, Anai Mia, Saad Chowdhury, Mahbub Chowdhury Roni, Sabbir Chowdhury Liton, Kamrul Hasan Sahan, Jabrul Islam, Muktar Hossain Bahar, Rehan Uddin, Helal Uddin, Shamil Sadek Chowdhury, M Zubair Ahmad, Salim respectively. Ahmad, Manzoor Ahmad, Yunusur Rahman Sohail, Abu Zahir Mohammad Shakib, Ali Hussain and Md Zahidul Islam (Zahed).

Finally, the Honorable Convener of this program, Mr. Rifat Ahmad Chowdhury expressed his thanks and gratitude to everyone present and announced the successful completion of Family and Friends Get Together 2023 English.

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