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Red Clown

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Rahat still listens to them attentively No none of them suspect it There is no conflict with anyone in the area His wife also says the same thing

Two days after Hiru’s murder, Rahat was looking at the photographs taken by the forensic team. One thing is quite certain that the victim Hiru was hit on the back of the head with a metal object. It does not happen in cases of ordinary murders. But the drawing of such a clown on the face sets this case apart. It is clear that the murderer was very angry. Well, what causes people’s intense anger? Rejected in love or broken trust. In that case, close people should be involved in it.

Hiru’s parents are sitting outside. You have to talk to them. More important than that is Hero’s wife Nargis. Only he will know who really hated Hiro so much.

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After a while, Hafiz brought Hiru’s father, mother and wife inside. As soon as they came, they cried again. They kept saying that their son was very good. Never quarreled with anyone, did not fight. Rahat shook his head a little disappointed. Every mother says this about her children. But there are so many things that happen inside that parents don’t even know about.

Rahat still listens to them attentively. No, none of them suspect it. There is no conflict with anyone in the area. His wife also says the same thing.

Rahat writes everything down in a diary. Then assured, ‘I promise I will find your son’s killer.’

Then Rahat looked at them and said, ‘You sit outside. I will speak separately to your son’s wife.’

Nargis looked helplessly at her father-in-law and mother-in-law, who nodded in agreement. Nargis seems to be afraid. I don’t know what this police officer asks again. Meanwhile, Hiru’s parents asked him several times whether there was any trouble with him.

Rahat notices that the girl is sitting with her head down. Age would be around twenty four twenty five. Skin color is fair, thin like diamond.

Rahat asks the girl to make it easy, ‘Actually, you have to ask some questions according to the rules. And to catch your husband’s killer, your help is very much needed. If you tell me everything. Since yesterday you were not looking for Hiru?’

Nargis raised her head, then thought for a while and said, ‘Let’s call her at half past nine that she needs powdered milk. He cut off saying ok. Then it was 10:30, but when he did not return home, when I tried to call again, my mobile was turned off. Then ten minutes later it happened again. Not finding him, I called Ratan Bhai around eleven o’clock. His friend lives next to us. He plays carrom every day in the clubhouse with his other friends. So he said he had already gone out. After that, we could not find all of us together all night. After that, the mobile did not open.’

Rahat suddenly remembers a white powder on the finger of the victim’s right hand. Then it was carom boric powder. An explanation was found. That means that day Hero came out playing carrom. What happened happened between 9:30 and 10:30. In such a short time the murderer completed the work? Nargis knew Hiru’s last location. There is no other problem between their husband and wife?

Rahat nods, then looks her directly in the eyes and says, ‘Well Nargis, do you know of anyone who hated Hiru very much or was very angry with him? Or ever told you?’

Nargis shivered a little. One thinks of something, but doesn’t know if it’s right to say it or not. Hiru is already dead, if the matter is known, it is dishonorable. Nargis decides not to tell.

He raised his eyes and said in a low voice, ‘No, I don’t know anything like that. He had a TV fridge shop, it was doing well. Had a verbal altercation with a couple of customers, not much. And he didn’t have any enemies in the area.’

Rahat looks at Nargis. The girl is hiding something. Rahat noticed her shaking after hearing the question. Let’s think for a while. Gather some information and then sit with them. No one is quick to tell the truth in a murder case. Hiding in fear, it causes undue delay in solving the case.

Rahat says with a smile, ‘Maybe I don’t remember now. I know an unwanted storm has passed over you, let it pass. Call me if you remember after a few days. It’s better to remember quickly. You can go today.’

Nargis looked at the police officer in fear. The man is rightly suspecting him. He felt his mind or not?

As Nargis leaves, Rahat asks for a cup of tea.

Called Hafiz once. After a while, Hafiz himself came with tea. Rahat thanks and says, ‘Hafiz, this murder is not an ordinary incident. Have you seen the victim’s face? Someone killed in a fit of rage. You take call history of Hiru and his wife Nargis. I also want messages from phone companies. Why do you think the killer is hiding in the call list of Hero or Nargis?’

Hafiz reassured and said, ‘Sir, give me a few days. You will get everything.’

Rahat says with a smile, ‘I know that. Well, Hafiz, can you play carrom?’

Hafiz did not understand and said, ‘Sir, are you talking about carrom?’

Rahat said in a different voice, ‘Yes, Caram. I used to play in college, even became a champion once.’

Hafiz understood now and said, ‘Sir, I used to play too. But not as good as you. Sir, will you buy carom board or not?’

Rahat laughs, then says, ‘Don’t buy. Let’s go to a place, there is a carrom board, we can play.’

Although Hafeez doesn’t fully understand it, he understands that Sir is not just going to play. Surely there is something to the investigation of this case.

Sohail is sitting upset in the clubhouse. I can’t believe there is no hero. If he had, this clubhouse would have been crowded by now. But how silent today. Didar is quietly smoking a cigarette. Sohail counted, and smoked five cigarettes in the last hour. He seems more worried. Does he know anything? Ratan is normal, what is he looking at on his mobile. But he should be more worried. It seems that no one can call him ‘Neel’ Ratan, who has survived with a gasp.

At that time, two strangers were seen at the door of the clubhouse. As Sohail looked inquisitively, the tall man politely said, ‘You don’t play carrom here? Can I play with you guys?’

Ratan’s hand stopped. Didar quickly looked at the people. Sohail has some doubts, and says in a serious voice, ‘Carrom is played. But who are you? He has suddenly entered such a clubhouse.’

Rahat now enters with Hafiz. Then he introduced himself and said, ‘I thought Hiru used to play carrom with you every day, so let’s talk. Even though you were his closest friend. You can tell exactly where the trouble was.’

There is an uneasiness between the three. Didar is the first to speak, ‘Of course you will speak. Our dear friend has been murdered, we also want the murderer to be caught. We will tell you everything. I am Didar, and Sohail, and Ratan.’
Rahat matches the names with the faces of the three. Ratan has heard the name before. The names of the other two are also known.

Ratan pushed two chairs forward and said, ‘Sir, sit down.’

Rahat motioned Hafiz to sit down. Then looked at Didar and said, ‘Well, that night Hiru was playing carrom with you. I heard that he had already gone out that day? Got a phone call?’
Didar looks at Ratan once, then says, ‘No, no call came. He was saying that he has something to do so he will leave.’

Rahat thought for a while, then said, ‘After he left, did you also go to each other’s house?’

Sohail now opens his mouth, saying, ‘I went out shortly after Hiru left. Yes, I was at home.’

Didar glances at the police officer. This officer asked a very simple question. But it is not clear where it will go. Ratan Goblet must not be done. Meanwhile the beta is sweating.

Didar says seriously, ‘Me and Ratan stayed for a while. Then we locked the clubhouse and left together. My house is near here. I went home.’

Rahat nodded and looked at Ratan, nervously saying, ‘I had some shopping to do in the market. It’s a little late to go. But I go home by half past ten.’

Rahat frowns once, the initial report says that the murder happened around 10 pm. Ratan’s nervousness does not escape the eyes. Need to inquire about it.

Rahat took a deep breath and said, ‘Well, do any of you have doubts? Is there anyone who hated Hiru or was very angry with him?’

Sohail quickly looks at Ratan. Ratan lowered his head.

Dida replied. “No, officer,” he said in a calm voice. If there was someone like that, we would know. He was a very good boy.’

Rahat looks at Didar, this boy is very confident.

He shook his head and said, ‘Okay. Let’s play a board carrom.’

They don’t know if it’s just to play or something else. Reluctantly, the three stood up.

Rahat says, ‘Who was Hiru’s partner that day? I will play in pairs with him.’

Sohail says in a sad voice, ‘I was.’

There was a genuine sadness in this boy’s eyes. The boy is fine, understandably, relieved.

Didar decorates the board. Then hit hard. Three white balls fall. Rahat exclaims ‘Wow’. After that, the red does not fall properly. The strike goes to Rahat. Playing after a long time. How does it feel?

Rahat first aimed the easy ball near the right pocket. With a slight tap, the black ball bounced around in the pocket. Rahat breathed a sigh of relief. Then Rahat targeted another shot near Sohail’s right side pocket on his opposite side. This little one is far away Rahat takes a long breath, then taps the strike loudly. The lump falls. Rahat said in an excited voice, ‘Hey, I haven’t forgotten the game.’

From the side, Dida says in a voice of praise, ‘Your hands are good.’

Rahat nodded happily.

The game goes on. As soon as Ratan’s strike came, he targeted Red first. On the opposite side, his partner Didar said, ‘You don’t target red. I can not throw. Drop the other one first and reduce the lump.’

Ratan looks at Didar with a maddened look, then grits his teeth and says, ‘I’ll drop Red first.’

Ratan strikes and looks at Red. He narrowed his eyes and took aim. Rahat notices how her hand is shaking.

Ratan strikes hard, knocking the red off the board. Didar took a deep breath and said, ‘I knew, I couldn’t.’

Rahat looks at Ratan, the boy is very serious about the game. What a confused look. It seems Didara’s fault is not able to throw red.

That day Rahat and Sohail won the board. The mind becomes excited. He thanked everyone and said, ‘It was great playing with you. The only problem is, your friend is gone today. Anyway, my mobile number remains. If anyone has doubts let me know immediately. If anyone knows anything, please let me know in advance. It won’t be good if I find out later that you are hiding something.’

Rahat says the last word in a hard tone. Fear can be seen in the eyes of the three of them.

On the way back, Rahat asked Hafiz, saying, ‘Hafiz, how do you see these three friends? Can any of them kill?’

Hafiz thought for a while, then said, ‘Sir, friends often quarrel in carrom games. By placing the strike properly or adding too much powder. It is supposed to happen among them too. But will kill from that?’

Rahat nods, then says, ‘That’s right. But I found that ratan boy a bit unusual. Did you notice, when his partner Didar forbade him to throw red, he said in a grumpy voice, he will throw red. Later, when Red couldn’t throw it away, Dida said, ‘I knew I couldn’t.’ That meant there was often trouble with Red Fella. I don’t know exactly what stage it was. It should be known. Another thing to investigate. That Ratan was outside at the time of the murder. You keep an eye on him. And crosscheck who these three friends were really where that night. Give their call list too.’

Hafiz nodded in agreement.

That night Rahat thinks before going to sleep, if anyone knows Hiru’s killer it is these friends or his wife Nargis. Because these were the closest people to Hiru. Only one of them knows, who hated Hiro!

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