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The days are changing, we also have to change

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The lady smiled and said yes this is about cooking Bechari came to me yesterday to learn cooking

Went to morning walk and talked to a lady today. The age of the woman is estimated to be fifty to fifty seven. Read my book. Alapi people He recognized me by seeing me on the street. The two of us are walking side by side, suddenly a 26-year-old girl ran from the opposite direction and said, “I’m with you.”

I asked with a smile, girl or not?

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The lady smiled and said, yes, the girl can say. About Grandma.

And don’t say, it’s all my forehead. Totally crazy girl. I tell Pukai, you found and liked that crazy!

I looked at the lady’s face and saw a soft caress fluttering in every vein of the face. Covering the thread of the relationship with the sheet of indulgence. He smiled and said, they are married.

Our house rules… The day after Ashtamangala, the new grandmother cooks for at least fifty people and serves them all. The ceremony was held in the family of my in-laws country house next door.

During my mother-in-law’s time, I also had to do this eight days after marriage.

Pukaita is such a badass, he scares Nishi and says that he also has to cook for fifty people. The poor thing has been dying of fear ever since.

He and Pukai work in the same company.

I said, what happened with you? Is this about cooking?

The lady smiled and said, yes, this is about cooking. Bechari came to me yesterday, to learn cooking. Nishi’s mother died a couple of years ago. So I have to teach him how to cook. Work all week, come Sunday to learn cooking.

I said, what share, I can not. So it stuck with me.

I said, he could only teach. The woman smiled and said, I have taught you. To make thick milk tea. Fifty people will also be fed with tea. Fried leaves can also be fried. He will feed the relatives what he can. Where is it said that Panchavanjan should be cooked? The new wife has to cook food, so Nishi will serve tea, that’s it.

She said in a voice of annoyance, as many as he understood the wrong rules. These are the methods of confiscation of grandmother before marriage. I have also thought how to pour water according to that rule. The thought is not from today, but from the day I cooked for fifty people after Ashtamangala in the intense heat of Boishakh. I was new at that time, I could not force myself, now I will be a mother-in-law, so the rules are in my hands. So he smiled and said that the daughter is angry because she did not teach him how to cook. Studying, singing, dancing, job preparation have no value in a girl’s life. Competence or cooking! All girls learn a little cooking after marriage. It is not something like that. So two days after the wedding such torture?

I said, Pukai and you work in the same office, you have the same qualification. As Pukai will be, so will you be. Don’t belittle yourself in any way. If you do, everyone will find you. The marriage is being done by both of you, it is not your responsibility alone to cook fish in your arms and hands. If you want to take the fish, give it to Pukai and you will take it, otherwise we will boycott it.

Nishi said in fear, do you want to spoil my marriage?

I said, I just want to make the marriage a bond of mind. Not a rule of thumb.

The girl came running again and said, Why didn’t you tie a scarf on your head? Who will see if it’s cold? Then there will be tonsil problem.

The lady said, what about you if I feel cold? I am with you.

The girl smiled sweetly and said, you are very rotten.

The morning sun was coloring the sky with its simplicity.

So far heard, we did why you can not? Little girl is no more!

I heard today, I will give him because I suffered? Shit… I will torture the girl next door?

Most of the girls are jealous and love. But…..

But that is how the life of the world runs.

Come on, atleast someone told the story of breaking the rules.

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