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Success Skills Center in Winnipeg

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There is an NGO called Success Skills Centre in Winnipeg The NGO teaches new skilled immigrants doctors engineers teachers lawyers etc skilled professionals from different countries of the world how to get jobs in Canada

Who will be impressed by what, what will impress whom and how will be impressed! There is no grammar to impress.

The first time the flashlight was added to the cellphone, I was very impressed! What a job! This is not high-tech! Oh, what creative people! If not, Ashraful Makhlukat! Didn’t think it was the easiest feature. There is nothing of creative genius in it.

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Cellphones continued to add state-of-the-art intelligent features. Features after features. Touchphone came, smartphone came. Smartphones can now turn on fan-lights, open doors, make transactions in the banking market. Can’t really do anything except to feed, bathe or wash clothes? But even today they could not impress me much. [Not making it up at all. Three true, seven true!]

The flashlight feature remained on the smartphone. Chiranjeev feature. I’m still as impressed with this feature as ever! Still think that what is the strongest feature Ray father! But the flashlight feature is the one I used the least. Ten times in twenty years is too much. However, I am still impressed with the flashlight feature.

This is why I say trying to impress is futile. I have never tried to impress anyone myself [I’m not saying that at all. Three true, seven true! If someone comes and claims to be trying to impress, don’t believe it. don’t cheat Warning at your own risk.]

Having done my PhD in Canada, I once felt that I would have to work in the country or struggle for a regular livelihood. That’s why Canada needs to learn. There is an NGO called ‘Success Skills Centre’ in Winnipeg. The NGO teaches new skilled immigrants (doctors, engineers, teachers, lawyers etc. skilled professionals) from different countries of the world how to get jobs in Canada.

I joined the course. The one-day module was about the do’s and don’ts of an ‘interview’. The trainer gave several tips on how to impress all interview board members. Then the question and answer session began.

I have a bad habit of keeping as quiet as possible during any question and answer session and listening carefully to what other people are asking and answering. But the coach lady won’t let anyone listen quietly. Saprativa came to me and said cheerfully – what’s the matter Mr. Silent! If you hear a lot, now ask a question. must do No Waver!

I said in Minmin’s voice – I impressed everyone on the interview board. I also got a job. Then I entered the job and started depressing everyone, I could not impress. (Because, apart from the knowledge to impress the interview board) nothing special happens! Will there be a job?

The poor man’s face became like a whale’s mouth. Such a strange question is probably unheard of before. After a minute of silence, the participants erupted into hysterical laughter.

The lady overcame her sudden unpreparedness. He shook his head on both sides of the neck a few times and said in a worried manner – Hmm! If you make a great impression, hey! But I am convinced that nothing good will happen to you in this country. Mala Kathakhatuni has to be done to provide food.

An immigrant from Eritrea asked the lady at the counter—did you curse her or prophesy?

At the same time, the other participants also asked almost in unison—right, right! Did you curse him or prophesy?

The lady said with a look of utter astonishment – what’s the matter! You all are impressing me today! Impressing can also see a serious touching matter! But I am convinced that not one of you will do any good in this country. Mala Kathakhatuni has to be done to provide food.

The lady also managed to impress us for the first time after seven days. That day, for the first time, he didn’t feel like a robot, he felt human. Hearing his quality humor ‘None of you will be good’, none of us got upset, on the contrary, our troubled minds were relieved. On that very day, we enjoyed the center’s tea-coffee-cake-pastry with a shout like the closest friends.

The trainer lady is sitting on the chair next to the tea table. I asked – ‘Well, doesn’t even one of the four-five members of the interview board have any responsibility to impress the job seekers? Is it the rule that all of them have to sit with a dull and hard face like a fish with a judge-judge attitude? Is it only the responsibility of the job seeker to impress?

The lady got worried again and said—I have to impress after impress—that’s what you’ve planned today, haven’t you Mr. Smart Guy? Many men do this! I am beautiful!

I pinched my two cheeks and said – Repentance Repentance! Where have you been, where are you taking me, my crazy horse…

Three months later. I taught two courses as contract faculty at the University of Winnipeg. The Success Skills Center is opposite the University. Walking distance. Buy coffee from a nearby coffee shop. That day, I met the trainer lady in the coffee line. How are you and what are you doing?

— mean?

– I gave five-six job interviews. I am a perfect fit for all of them. But none happened. Do you know why?

– I don’t know, why not?

— No because I couldn’t hold back a smile even in an interview board. Whenever I enter the interview room and see four or five people sitting like idols with hard faces, my stomach bursts, my eyes, nose and mouth burst and the laughter of the state descends. Your question about the interview board will come to mind. determined I keep the smile on my face. But seeing the eyes and nose smiling, the first question from the interview board is thrown – why are you smiling? Do you find the interview funny, or do we look ridiculous?

— I am so sorry! But why are you looking for a job? You have a job! Are you a Success Skills Center trainer?

– Oh no! That too was contractual. Part-time. Only three months contract. You were my last batch. you leave I also…

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