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The shape of the ears will tell you how you are

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The shape of the ears

People can be recognized by seeing the ears! There are also differences in the shape of the ears from person to person. Some people’s ears may be a little bigger and some are smaller. Ear shape reveals a lot about a person’s personality.

A report published in the Times of India says that the shape of the ears reveals the personality of a person. But let’s find out which shape of ears reveals what kind of personality –

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big ears
Those with large ears are generally calm. They persistently try to cope with all kinds of situations in life.

Such people are confident and authoritative in nature. They don’t give up or get discouraged easily. Try to deal with difficult situations by yourself. People with big ears also think less about the future and are content with the present.

small ears
People with short ears tend to be shy. They are introverts. They enjoy spending time alone, with family or with close friends.

They feel the need to talk less about everything. Presents itself only when needed. Such people are creative, observant and try to learn from others.

They maintain a balance between solitude and socialization. Hence they are neither highly social nor antisocial.

Attached ear lobes
Those with attached ear lobes are emotional. They have sympathetic and understanding personalities. But instead of thinking with emotions, they think about everything logically.

pointed ears
Those with pointed ears are imaginative. They are also very intelligent. Such people are ambitious and not afraid to express their emotions.

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