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Live in the forest!

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We thought the overall situation might be better after Covid but this year till 2023 is very challenging considering various aspects Such as inflation rising oil and other commodity prices Russia Ukraine war inflation etc

After COVID we thought this year would be better but, it’s been another challenging year in many terms like the Russia-Ukraine war, excessive food, gas price and interest rate hike. Despite that we were able to find a few days to get out from our busy and mechanized life. Both, we, and our kids like it, and it’s cost effective. Last weekend we went to Balsam Lake Provincial Park, about 160 km East of Toronto.

We thought the overall situation might be better after Covid, but this year till 2023 is very challenging considering various aspects. Such as inflation, rising oil and other commodity prices, Russia-Ukraine war, inflation etc. However, in spite of that, by the will of Allah, we got some relief from our hectic and mechanical life. Camping is one of our summer retreats. It is a favorite of all our little ones.

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Camping isn’t just full of fun, there are many nuances that those who have never been will not understand, so this type of retreat is not for everyone. If you can take family and friends, everything can be done collectively, and fun is also a lot. But everyone has to be like-minded. The families we usually meet are all like one big joint family. There are not many sites available at the same time so we cannot add anyone outside of us if they want to. Maybe some year if a family doesn’t go for some reason, I include another family. A beautiful bond has been formed between all our family members through this camping. We all wait for this time throughout the year, especially our kids wait with great interest, and every time they have a question, “Can we stay one more day”. And whatever we spend 3/4 days, during this time they do not use any electronic device like smart phone, tablet, computer. We keep them involved in various physical and mental activities throughout, and they enjoy it. Old people are also active. But you have to be careful not to spend too much time on eating or preparing food, then there will not be much time for other activities.

We have one person in overall coordination, then one person in charge of sports or physical activities such as fishing, hiking, food preparation and serving. From setting up the tent to packing up the tent, most of the work is done collectively, and it is done by everyone together. By doing this, our children get a better understanding of Communal Living through fun.

Last weekend we went to Balsam Lake Provincial Park Campground. 160 km east of Toronto.

This is our third camping trip here. This time due to our one week delay we could not reserve our first choice site even though we had reserved it 5 months ago. We needed 4 sites, so that was very challenging. However, if this is not available, one may have to look for a private campground and in that case the choice will be limited.

There was quite a bit of rain on one of the intervening nights, and the other days were quite warm and sunny. It doesn’t always rain, but we accept that it might. In the past 15 years of camping, I have received rain only a few times. Sometimes we accept rain, mosquito bites, mud and mud etc., that’s why Rain or Shine we enjoy the most. As always, camping was an amazing experience with hiking, fishing, canoeing and various sports and mental activities. Those who like being in the green, walking in the touch of the soil, bathing in open water, feeling the breeze in the middle of the river or in the lake by boat or swimming in the water of the lake can spend 2/4 days, you will see a lot of boost up of your mental and physical health.

Here are some pictures and videos of our camping this year. And pictures of other activities will also be posted periodically. When I started camping here 14/15 years ago, only a handful of Bengalis used to camp, but now many go. However, if you are new or have any questions about this then write us and we will try to answer your questions.

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