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Our Family

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My parents are working family. Small government jobs. Many siblings. So Amma wanted to save money for the family But Abba was completely opposite. There was no calamity in his life. What else could be done to bring salt in the life of the employees who ran out of water! Of course, even there some could pull the reins of everyday life with considerable caution. Father never tried that in his life. Abba wanted to make every day joyful with the whole family. He liked to eat by himself. He used to share cooking with his mother. He liked to eat. Therefore, the main regulator or instrument of Abba Utsav Mukharata is Bhojan Parva. And here was Amma’s watchful eye. Because, father was here Behesevi. And the only excuse or reason or his reason would be given by Abba, hearing which Amma would not utter a single word. That is all that father has in the world for my younger sister Joshana. Let me give you two examples:

I am going from my village home in Habiganj to my father’s workplace Biyanibazar. I am taking a sack with the most delicious ‘Mita tree mango’ in the house. Abba used to listen to everyone and say – ‘I am taking how many mangoes I need. I will eat my daughter!’ Abba used to look at all of us including Amma while saying this sentence.

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All the family may be going somewhere by train At some junctions, hawkers clamored for long periods of time. Abba may have bought Dinajpur litchi from one of them for two hundred. After buying lychees, he would turn to us and say – ‘How many lychees did I buy for my clothes!’

Maybe he bought a big fish. Also some geol fish. Surely mom will say something. Before that, my father used to say – I bought the fish from Jochna Laigya. That’s why he immediately looked at us Needless to say none of us had any reaction to this.

Once the whole family is going to Bayanibazar from Habiganj. At that time we had to go to Sylhet by coach from Habiganj and go to Kadmatoli for Biyanibazar and board a separate bus. Why did the service arrive in Sylhet when it was already night. The driver and assistant of the coach said that they will not be able to catch the bus to Biyanibazar today. They arranged for us to stay in a hotel. 40 years ago there was no food service in that hotel. Abba brought rice and vegetable dal from the outside restaurant. Along with 8 pabda fish dopeyaz of huge size. Dad smiled sweetly and said – ‘I’m bringing some fish.’

In other words, everything that the father has bought in the world is for Jochana. Everything beautiful in the world is for the picking. All the delicious food in the world is for the picking. This father’s beloved daughter Dilruba Begum Jochna i.e. my immediate younger sister is the most relaxed person in the world. A man of contentment. I have seen such contentment only in Amma’s life. He has no need. There is no catch. There is no question of killing Futani. Jochna is not a person of this world! I do not think that he is a person of the deep world! From everything in the world, the sister got a saintly husband just like her Aha! Such people still exist in this world; How beautiful the world is when you think about it. Love for people. I have four sisters. The husbands of all four are pure golden man made of clay. When I think of the family life shining with the golden smiles of my four sisters, when the faces of my four sisters-in-law float in front of my eyes, I think that I am the king of this world. There is no other person in the universe who is happier than me.

I was talking about Jochana. However calm he may be, however indifferent he may be to everything in the world of life; In one place he was fatally strict: to educate and educate children My sister and brother-in-law wanted nothing more in this short life.

Joshana has four children two daughters two sons Sayema is the eldest. This time he passed MBBS from Comilla Medical College. She is now Dr. Saima Talukder. Enamul Hasan Niloy is also a doctor. Niloy passed his medical two years ago. They met each other two years ago. Yesterday my niece Dr. Saima Talukder and Dr. Enamul Hasan Nilay got married. I pray that Niloy and Seema will have a very happy family life full of love Will be relieved Will be satisfied.

Toronto, Canada

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