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Fairy’s Family Life

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Fairys Family Life

In the realm of fairies, there reside fairies of many kinds, all living together in harmony. They flit and soar through the flower gardens that adorn the azure sky, sometimes drifting upon billowing clouds as white as snow. At times, their melodious songs fill the fairy realm with joy. Such happiness and delight are rarely found elsewhere.

Amongst these fairies, one harbored a deep desire to dwell amongst humans, to reside upon this earthly plane. Often, she would sneak away, venturing into the human world to observe their lives, their joys and sorrows, their very existence.

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Upon witnessing this longing, the Fairy Queen, with a swift motion, severed the fairy’s wings, banishing her forever to the human world. Yet, the fairy felt no sorrow, but rather an immense joy at the prospect of eternal life among humans.

In this verdant realm, the fairy arrived and constructed a grand palace. She filled this resplendent abode with a multitude of servants. Adorned with an abundance of diamonds and pearls, the palace shimmered with brilliance. From afar, the dazzling sparkle of the diamonds atop the palace could be clearly seen. Even in the depths of the darkest night, the palace continued to radiate with an ethereal glow.

The translation captures the essence of the original Bengali text, highlighting the enchanting beauty of the fairy palace and its captivating presence in the verdant world. The descriptive language paints a vivid picture of the palace’s splendor, from its gleaming diamonds to its unwavering radiance in the darkness.

A few miles away from this palace, there lives a king. The king has three sons. The eldest prince rules the kingdom with his father. The middle prince is busy training himself in horse riding and swordsmanship. And the youngest prince is very restless. He cannot stay still for any work. However, he is very good at studies. He is not so skilled in any other work. He has only one addiction, and that is bird hunting. But he hunts them and then releases them back into the forest. So, whenever he feels like it, he goes out to catch birds.

One day, the little prince went into the forest to catch birds. That day it was not easy to catch birds. While wandering through the forest, he went quite far from his kingdom. In the meantime, darkness fell all around. At that time, he saw a glimmer of light from afar. He started moving towards it. Gradually, he reached the fairy palace. Crossing the bushes in front, he stood in front of the palace. Wow, what a beautiful palace! It is shining with light. He is a prince. So there was no fear. He went straight and started knocking on the gate of the palace.

The gate opened immediately at the guard’s command. The little prince introduced himself, explaining that he had wandered here while exploring the area. He asked who the king of this kingdom was. As he inquired, he noticed an extraordinarily beautiful girl descending the grand staircase. He had never seen anyone as lovely in his entire life. Her skin was as clear as water, and her golden hair was adorned with a pearl garland. Her attire was woven from an extraordinary thread that emitted a rosy glow. The little prince approached her and introduced himself, explaining that he had lost his way and was seeking permission to stay for the night.

The fairy declared, “This is my kingdom, and you, young prince, are welcome to stay here as long as you please.”

With that, the fairy made arrangements for his accommodation and prepared a lavish royal feast. After the meal, the young prince, exhausted from the day’s events, drifted off to sleep on a bed of velvet. In his dreams, he saw the fairy queen.

As soon as dawn broke the next day, the prince woke up from his sleep. He thought to himself that he needed his tea right now. So he went straight to the fairy and told her his mind. He was ready to marry her right now and take her to his own country. The fairy agreed without any hesitation. This is what she wanted. To live with a human. To have a home and family. However, there was one condition. The prince had to become king in this kingdom. The prince agreed as well.

Their wedding was a lavish affair. The festivities lasted for a month, with joyous celebrations filling the air. The vast palace was adorned with flowers of every color. After a month, on an auspicious day, they set off for the kingdom of the prince.

After so long, the king and queen were overjoyed to see their youngest son. They were even happier to see his beautiful bride. Their arrival brought great celebrations to the kingdom. The entire palace was decorated with colorful lights. Royal gifts were sent to every household in the kingdom. Everyone was invited to a grand feast. The king made it a truly memorable occasion. Their only sorrow was that their son would not stay in this kingdom. He would go back to his own kingdom, as there was no king there.

The fairy was having a great day with the new king. Her kingdom was lacking a king. Now that’s been fulfilled. There is no more worry. She got a man as her life partner, just as she wanted.

They were living very happily and peacefully. She never wanted to go back to her own fairy kingdom. Yet, she was a fairy after all. So, every full moon night, she had to sneak up to the diamond spire of the palace. She had to eat the moonlight and bathe her entire body in it to retain her beauty, charm, and immortality.

No one knows about this. Don’t tell anyone either, okay!

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