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Destroyer of the demons Madhu and Kaitabha

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Himadri Roy

Mahishasura asked Brahma to give him such a boon that no one could kill him except a woman. In other words, women were not taken into consideration by the Asura king. He got boon and expelled the gods from heaven. The gods took refuge in Lord Lord Vishnu and from his thoughts all the gods with the effulgence of creation became the supreme nature, divine mascha woman who would save the world and destroy the evil forces. Whom we know as Chandi in Mardini of Mahisasur.

So would it be wrong to say that considering Lord Vishnu’s wife among Grahyas is an idea of dignity. From which we learn about women’s empowerment. All the avatars we know by name are all male – like Narayana, Rama, Krishna, Kali Chaitanya. Only in the Mardini of Mahishasura do we find her appearing as a woman. After the slaying of Mahishasura to the gods who says –

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‘Ithong Yada Yada Yada Danbottha is the future. Tada tadavartirayhang karishamyarisankshayaam..’

Whenever there is a disturbance due to the outbreak of demons, I will appear and destroy the Asuras, the enemies of the gods.

‘Yada Jadahi Dharmasya…’ What I hear from the male avatar in the Gita, I get from the female avatar in the Puranas.

She is the goddess who was worshiped by the Kayastha king Suratha and the Vaishya Samadhi in the Suklapaksha of Chaitra. However, he was prematurely awakened by the glory of Krittivas.

‘Ashvin’s sharad prate prateshyu Alok Manjir’ said Virendrakrishna Bhadra’s voice, he came with feet wet with dew on the white and ocher carpet. Around him we discover our festival of sound energy. At the dawn of Mahalaya who knocks at our door of auspicious energy. We prepare vows in the heart, to destroy evil forces. In the temple, in the temple then he meditated Bodhita. That Goddess Durga is the empowerment of women in the 21st century. a message.

Good-bad, light-dark twin brothers – walk shoulder to shoulder. Creation exists with good and bad, light and dark, sound and sound. Creation was not free of demons then, not yet, and never will be. Still had to fight to regain heaven, still had to fight daily injustice and demonic instincts to win. Bashundhara of Shanti should be taken back. For this we kneel before the power of women.

These are also the demons of this age who take a stand against women’s education, speak against women’s employment, want to keep women under foot. And those who support them in the name of religion are the Raktasuras – those who originate from the seed of blood. And those human beings who still stand by women, raised their voice against the educated, established Asuras are godlike people. With the brilliance of all of them, today’s women are moving forward in politics, military policy, education policy – in every field of family struggle.

Throughout the year we are immersed in darkness and also know that there is one standing beyond Tamsa who will come in autumn to celebrate the courage to remove Tamsa. He is Mahamaya and Jaganmata. We make all personal commitments to him at that time. Abdaar such as asking for form, asking for money, asking for a son is not done to any other deity. cannot be done It can be done to him if there are three mothers. Therefore, when autumn comes, we seek our worldly desires by establishing our lives in Mrinmayi Mother because she is Mahamaya.

Madhukaitabhavidhvansi Vidhatri Vidhatrabade Namah.

Rupong Dehi Jayang Dehi Yash Dehi Dwisho Jahi.

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