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How can you be an efficient public relations officer!

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Individuals or organizations have their own internal control over public relations whereas reputation is not controllable rather an external party contributes to the reputation of an individual or organization without any control

Public relations refers to the act of managing and disseminating information to the general public on behalf of a person or organization (such as a business, government agency, or non-profit organization), with the goal of influencing public perception of that person or organization. There is a difference between PR and publicity.

Individuals or organizations have their own internal control over public relations, whereas reputation is not controllable, rather an external party contributes to the reputation of an individual or organization without any control.

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It can also be considered as public relations when a person or an organization uses a topic and news of interest to the public without any direct payment to gain popularity and recognition to the audience-listener-reader.

Public visibility thus depends largely on the media. So public relations is a form of marketing communication, which is distinct from advertising. The goal of public relations professionals is to generate or obtain free press coverage for their clients; It is called acquired medium. On the other hand, they are called purchased media as they have to pay for marketing or advertising. However, by 2024, advertising has also become a part of public relations activities in a larger sense.

For those who want to work in PR management, it will be easier to make a career by studying e-journalism or working in television/magazines for a long time. My journey started in 2011 with private television Ekush and working as a news and program producer for 12 years, I did not have to gain much momentum. All the skills required to build a career in this sector are highlighted.

1) Press release: To be a successful public relations manager, you need to know how to write a press release. This is the most important part of your career in this sector.

2) Event Management: Nowadays most of the public relations management departments are staffed and you will notice that they want fully skilled manpower who know event management work. For that, you need to know about event management and what responsibilities have to be performed on a small-large scale. Besides, from now you have to start learning work to make yourself efficient.

3) Experience in Advertising Campaign Management: In order to become a successful PR manager, you need to have experience in advertising campaign management. Catch it! Your organization is looking for Head of Marketing or Brand Head to advertise in multiple media including National Daily Jugantar, Jamuna Television. You have to take necessary action accordingly. That is! Media network should be created to do well in this sector.

4) Experience of mass media about TRP: Catch! You have a budget to spend Rs 2 crore per year Now it is necessary to know the number of visitors or readers of any organization.

5) Playing the role as the backbone of the organization: A skilled public relations management department employee plays the role of the big backbone of the organization. You have to play a major role in everything that tarnishes the reputation of the organization.

6) Preparation of media monitoring reports: As an efficient public relations management department worker the work is not limited to the advertisement distribution of the organization. You need to generate a report on whether it ran or published at the right time.

7) Outdoor Branding Plan: Catch! Your company has introduced a new chocolate in the market. It is not just that the work is finished when it is advertised on television or in the newspaper. You’ll need to roll out an outdoor branding plan across the country. So that the people of the country know about that product in a short period of time.

8) Act as media spokesperson of the organization: You have to act as the media spokesperson of the organization.

9) Knowing about competitors with the organization: Catch! Your organization is dealing with real estate. Now, after surveying how other real estate companies are playing their role in branding, action should be taken accordingly with quick decisions.

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