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Chara pita Chili at our Balcony Garden

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The pepper plant you see in the picture or video is a special pepper plant Its name is charpita pepper

The pepper plant you see in the picture or video is a special pepper plant. Its name is charpita pepper. The chili is not too hot but very flavorful. As I don’t eat a lot of jaal, and don’t like dry chillies, this is a good option for me.

There was no reason to fuss about it, but recently I saw in two special reports of Bangladesh RTV and Daily Star that a gentleman has cultivated this pepper in Bangladesh and succeeded. According to that person and the reporter there, the price of 1 kg of this pepper is 20 to 25 lakhs. Although the pepper is a little rare, its price is sure not that much.

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A Google search will give you a lot of information, but a report on a national television, do not do a little research. Every year I bring these chillies from the garden of Mamun Bhai, a Brampton resident.

Monir’s brother, a Brampton expatriate, also gave me quite a few things in the past year. This year we did an experimental project in our balcony with this chilli seedling and advice from Mamun Bhai, the results are very good Alhamdulillah. Yields are very good so far.

Chara pita Chili at our Balcony Garden

Our balcony doesn’t have sun all day so not everything is very productive, and the plants have to be repositioned twice a day, but they’ve done well. It should be noted that many Bangladeshis here in their homes cultivate this pepper along with various vegetables in summer.

Thanks Mamun Bhai for providing advice with healthy seedlings.

And according to the commentary of this gentleman of RTV, if that amount is the price, then please forgive me, I will not be able to repay that debt, but I will pray to Allah a lot.

If anyone is really looking for Tk 25 Lakh Charpita Pepper then let me know.

Toronto, Canada

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