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Ontario’s Energy Efficiency Program Helps Families Cut Costs

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Program providing home upgrades that will reduce energy use and bills for families

By expanding eligibility for the Energy Affordability Program, which offers free home-efficiency upgrades to Ontarians seeking assistance with their energy bills, Ontario is assisting thousands of additional families in lowering their energy consumption and maximizing their financial savings. The income eligibility threshold is being raised by $8,285 for a couple and $11,715 for a four-person household to ensure that families have access to these essential supports and help keep costs low.

Minister of Energy Todd Smith stated, “As the home heating season continues, our government is helping families reduce their energy use and save money on their bills.” Ontario is guaranteeing free home energy-efficiency upgrades like insulation, smart thermostats, and energy-efficient refrigerators and air conditioners with this update to the Energy Affordability Program.

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The Energy Affordability Program provides free energy-saving measures that, depending on eligibility, can help participating households control their energy consumption and reduce annual electricity costs by up to $750. The energy-effectiveness updates and kinds of help accessible are custom-made in view of different elements including home warming framework, area and an appraisal of energy needs.

A four-person household with a before-tax income of $84,872 or a couple with a before-tax income of $60,014 are now eligible for support from the Energy Affordability Program under the new income eligibility threshold. Compared to the previous income threshold, this represents an increase of 16%.

In addition, the government is continuing to invest in other essential programs to assist Ontarians with their natural gas or electricity bills. To help low-income households pay their electricity bills, the Ontario Electricity Support Program offers an on-bill credit of up to $75 per month. Clients can likewise get to the Low-Pay Energy Help Program and get up to $600 in crisis help assuming they are behind on their power or petroleum gas bill and face having their administration detached.

According to Chuck Farmer, Vice-President, Planning, Conservation, and Resource Adequacy at the IESO, “updates to the Energy Affordability Program will provide greater comfort and lower bills for income-eligible Ontarians.” This kind of energy efficiency program contributes to the overall reliability of Ontario’s power system and reduces electricity demand.

Enbridge’s Home Winterproofing Program, which provides income-eligible natural gas customers with home energy upgrades, is now coordinated through a single point of entry. As a result, customers will have a better experience and it will be easier than ever for families to get energy-efficient upgrades that will help them save money on energy and make their homes more comfortable.

Enbridge Gas President Michele Harradence stated, “Energy affordability and climate change are among the most pressing issues we face today, and energy efficiency is one of the most effective solutions that addresses both.” As a result, we are excited to coordinate efforts to efficiently and economically deliver conservation programs that can assist Ontario families in reducing the amount of energy they use in their homes while still being affordable. As we chart a course toward a future of energy that is dependable, resilient, and sustainable at the lowest possible cost to consumers, we look forward to continuing our collaboration with the IESO and the Ontario Government.

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