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Amira’s Lone War

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Amiras Lone War

Amira is tired of wiping her tears. Today he just stares. It is as if there is no water in his eyes, his two eyes are like the Sahara forest today. At five feet, four inches in height, Ameera is well built and has long black, wavy hair that has not been combed for a long time. Today there is no one else to take the reins in the race of only twenty-eight years of life. A milky complexion, and a mole on the chin just parallel to the smiley buttocks. Today no one draws a kiss mark on that mole.

I went to Amira’s house as a behavior therapist for her daughter, Maher. From Monday to Friday, every day from 9 am to 12 pm, Maher met Amira. As a professional we never discussed personal matters as it was outside of our protocol to discuss very personal matters. But I had to talk about the issues that were affecting my client’s (two-year-old Maher) treatment. Several factors influence mental health, such as family and environmental influences. During those questions and answers, I got to know Amira, got to know her life story. And today I am writing it so that the same warriors of the battle of life do not give up, do not get discouraged, or find the right path.

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And like ten dreamy eight-year-olds, Amira dreamed of bringing Belayet to Canada and decorating her dream house. They are both Afghani. Although Belayet’s family has been in Canada for a long time, Belayet, who is madly in love with Amira, could not leave Amira before. And there was no end to discontent and whispering in Belayt’s family. Against all odds, Belayt married Amira as soon as she turned eighteen, and moved to Canada with her. The day was passing well in two tona-tuni. As the year went by, son Musa came to light up the house. Amira was spending a lot of time with her son. And Belayet is the life of the people. There is no complaint in their family, a wonderful happy family. As the years went by, the house became light, daughter Maher. It was like a gift in gold. A well-arranged family of one boy and one girl. Belayat went to work all week, returned home in the evening and had dinner together, the days passed happily and peacefully. In the meantime, a little bit of cloud came in the eastern sky.

Belayet did not return home one night. Amira keeps calling her cell phone repeatedly from sleeplessness at night. At one point he receives the call from Belayt’s younger sister, Bella. Says, Belayet is doing a lot of family program, he should sleep without waiting. The distance between them started from that. Amira still can’t find it, why did Belayet not hold the phone herself or did she give it to her sister? Why didn’t he take her with the kids? Why didn’t he once say to himself that he would be late, or that he should eat, sleep with the children. Amira did not even know when she fell asleep on the sofa crying in shame. Amir woke up suddenly with a cold touch on his forehead, seeing Belayet standing beside him and smiling. A proud Amira got up from the sofa and went to bed without saying a word. By holding the ear, carrying the bride in her arms, kissing, doing all the exercises only then Belayet broke the standard of Amira. He promises, it will never happen again.

The whole week went well, everything was fine as before. Belayet returns home after office and gives time to his wife and children, goes out with him, there is no complaint in Shanti’s family. But at the end of the week, what happened? Again!

today is friday While going out in the morning, Belayet stopped even to tell Amira. Since then, Amira’s left eye started to tingle. The mind is filled with some unknown apprehension again and again. When I called my younger sister Amina, she laughed and dismissed it as superstition. But when the clock passed five-twenty in the afternoon, and Belayet’s car was not seen in the parking lot, Amira took the phone in her hand, she knew that her mind had given her the right signal, she knew that Belayet would not return home today…

As usual, Belayet’s younger sister called at eight o’clock at night and said, “After you sleep, my brother has fallen asleep here.” Every Friday started like this. The whole week is good with the family, but what happens on Friday, you don’t know the person you know…

After many attempts, Amira made a plan to catch Belayet, who was silent this time. At exactly 5:30 on Friday, leaving the two children at her younger sister’s house, Amira proceeded by public bus to her nuns’ house. He became angry with himself. He is so stupid! Relying on this belayat, she came to a place like Canada and remained a woman! Didn’t do much education, didn’t do any job, didn’t learn driving. He started to feel like a parasite and a weed. He decides in his heart, no more – this time he will be independent. What Belayet has started for the past one month can no longer be relied upon. Standing by the window of the nun’s house, he could clearly hear Belayet’s voice before peering through the window. Along with many other male-voices. Unable to hold back her tears, she ran to the bus stop and returned home with the children. He knows that Belayet will not return home today. He eats, goes to bed and moves around with the children. Dumb-crying dies. What did he do? Why does Belayet go to her sister’s house every Friday by neglecting her or the beloved children so much? What do they do? Why so much laughter? No, he had to know.

Amir has no sleep tonight. Waking up in anticipation, the dawn dawns. As soon as Belayet’s footsteps came near, Amira ran and grabbed Belayet. He said, what happened to you? Why are you doing this? Today you have to say what are you hiding from me? Do you not love me anymore? Belayet excitedly sat down and said, everything is fine, Amir’s moment was unsteady in question. I only go to see my sisters on Friday! The whole week is yours! Take a weekend off!’

Amir was very upset at this. Belayet is at the center of all his love. And he has become so poisonous to Belayet that he is seeking release! Amira moved away with a heavy heart. Without another word, she quietly went to the next room and slept with the children. Entry of Belayat in short order. He takes Amira to the house by saying many pleasant words, apologizing. No matter how violent he may be in the heat of the moment, at the end of the day he wants his Amira!

Next Friday, Amira went to Nand and Bella’s house from afternoon and waited in the inner room. Tells Bela not to tell Belayet. He starts trying to understand what is happening in the house from the next room. Just before dusk he heard Belayet’s voice. He also heard Bela’s husband Ahmed, and Belayet’s two friends Dan and Mickey’s voice. The four of them sat down and started playing cards, the drinks were flowing, and the nose was filled with a slightly bitter smell. Amira opened the door a little and saw that they were all consuming something and the whole room was covered with smoke. Without making a sound, Amira slowly went towards the kitchen and waited for Bella. When Bella comes to the kitchen, she asks what they are doing, and why is there so much smoke? Something smells so bad.

Bela feels bad seeing Amira’s simple questions. Growing up in this country, Chatura Bela knows the answers to all the questions very well. He says listen, you know Ahmed used to leave me and disappear often, last month he didn’t come home for a whole month. I forced my brother to bring him back home. When they came, they came with a deck of cards, a bottle of wine, and a supply of marijuana. Tell me what to do? I called my brother to help me, now I myself pushed him into this addiction. What is the way to salvation?

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