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Why did you create so much illusion?

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Why did you create so much illusion

Aha! Maya Life would have been blessed if I could have held onto my loved ones and lived a little longer. As if to understand this, the last day has come. Imraul Rafat’s “Last Days” is emotional, explaining the meaning of love before it ends. It will definitely be one of their best works.

May everything increase in value before it ends. Then when it is over, that feeling remains for two days and then everything is normal. This is what the director has explained in a still on the wall. If I had done this from the beginning, then the last few days of my life would have been colorful and not stained with pain. Let’s come to the end of Asif-Nira’s story for now.. What if their last few days together were the first day?

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Yash Rohan appeared here in two different guises. And he is acting great in these two different forms. His expressions were extraordinary in both romantic and emotional sequences. He managed to keep the impression of illness perfectly with a sad look on his face. Tanjim Sayara Tatini’s performance was also very good. I especially liked the acting towards the end.

Imraul Rafat’s story has been scripted by Appurna Rubel. Such a beautiful screenplay brought life to the work. The cinematography of the drama was very beautiful. Thanks for using it as BGM. I really like it. Also the other BGM was good.

Finally, live with loved ones before the day is over.

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