Sunday, July 21, 2024

Ontario Government Expanding SMR Program to produce more clean, reliable and affordable nuclear energy

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Clean Reliable Nuclear Energy Will Help Meet Rising Electricity Demand

The Ontario government and Ontario Power Generation are working together to develop and license up to four small modular reactors at the Darlington nuclear site, with each one capable of providing 1,200 megawatts of electricity.

This would be enough to power around 1.2 million homes, as well as meet the need for electrification from businesses and fuel economic growth.

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Minister of Energy Todd Smith noted that expanding this SMR program would help ensure the province has the reliable, affordable and clean electricity necessary for major new international investments, new homes being built, and industry expansion.

The first unit could come online between 2034 and 2036; construction on subsequent units could benefit from cost savings through infrastructure sharing and applying learnings from the first project. Additionally, OPG is engaging with potentially impacted Indigenous communities to explore economic opportunities related to Darlington’s SMRs.

Thanks to Ontario’s strong nuclear supply chain, local companies can supply equipment, components and services for Canada’s and other countries’ SMRs projects. By investing in nuclear power technologies now, the government is ensuring it will have enough electricity to keep driving job creation and making it a magnet for future industries.

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