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Such is life Very unpredictable Very ghostly This happens all the time in my life I have not found anyone beside the people for whom I have spent my whole life

In fact, what we think does not always happen. Nothing happens as I think. Everything is reversed. We don’t have much. Many things are out of our control. Everything is uncertain. Still we dream. Still we sit with hope. what a strange life We don’t know what will happen or what won’t happen, what we will get or what we won’t get, we keep on dreaming.

Even if we go out on the road, we don’t know if we can reach the destination properly, but we go out, we have to go out. When we ask for a favor from someone, we don’t know whether we will get the favor but we want a favor. We hope someone will answer my call. Just a little helping hand will be of great benefit. But you don’t get the response from the person you expect to see. He didn’t stand by you. The one you didn’t expect stayed by your side.

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Such is life. Very unpredictable. Very ghostly. This happens all the time in my life. I have not found anyone beside the people for whom I have spent my whole life. Not at all. What you do for will drive you away. Understand that mistake. I can’t unravel this mystery at all. This happens to me as well. He did it for me, but I misunderstood him and pushed him away. This is how distance is created between each other.

Self-esteem, ego, jealousy, ignorance etc. break relationships due to various reasons. These feelings work in us subconsciously. Be among family, be among relatives, be among friends, be among colleagues. Still life goes on. Life never stops. Life would be easier if we could go on with a generous mind, forgiving everyone’s little mistakes. It would be nice. But the mind is such a thing that it is difficult to control it. This is the biggest challenge of life.

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