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Ardhangini, not only touches the heart, but also wets the eyes

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After a long time at the beginning of the weekend I saw Bengali movie Ardhangini The story screenplay and direction of this wonderful movie is Kaushik Gangopadhyay Starring Kaushik Sen Jaya Ahsan and Churni Gangopadhyay Lily Chakraborty Purab Sheel Acharya Arun Guthakurta and Damini Beni Bose among others

After a long time, at the beginning of the weekend, I saw Bengali movie Ardhangini. The story, screenplay and direction of this wonderful movie is Kaushik Gangopadhyay. Starring Kaushik Sen, Jaya Ahsan and Churni Gangopadhyay, Lily Chakraborty, Purab Sheel Acharya, Arun Guthakurta and Damini Beni Bose and many others. Music directed by Anupam Roy.

At the beginning I want to say that Kaushik Ganguly is my favorite director. I have seen almost all his movies. So I was sitting in distant Canada waiting to see the movie. Finally, I didn’t miss that opportunity. After returning from work, I sat down to watch the movie with a tired body.

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The synopsis of the story of the movie is that ‘Ardhangini’ is basically based on the position of two women in the life of a man. That is, one is his former and one is present. After watching the movie, I thought for a long time, were these two women really able to become that man’s mistress? Meghna or Shubhra who loves Suman more?

In the story, we see that Suman and Shubra’s 17-year long marriage ended in a quarrel and conflict over minor matters. But Shubhra loves Suman very much. So to maintain the relationship, she silently endured many insults from Suman for many years. On the other hand, Suman’s family could not accept Shubra’s leaving the family. The new innings of Suman and Shubra’s life after separation was going well. On the other hand, Meghna comes into Suman’s life after three years of separation. After leaving home and marrying Meghna, Suman was having a good day. But suddenly Suman’s sudden illness throws everything into disarray. After that, the story of the movie slowly progressed.

Jaya Ahsan as Meghna and Churni Ganguly as Shubhra make the movie engrossing. In one word, the performance of the two people not only touched the heart, but also moistened the eyes and brought down two drops of water.

I also liked Kaushik Sen’s performance. Sukant and Bihu’s dialogues and acting sometimes gave me a little relief from the sadness.

Not only Meghna and Shubhra’s acting but also dialogues are the major assets of this movie’s story. Ardhangini has to concentrate on Kayoman to see.


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