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Do you know why there is a mirror in the elevator?

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Do you know why there is a mirror in the elevator

Every day when going to the office, the first person gets on the elevator and checks whether the dress is right, if the dress fits, the time is over to look at yourself in the mirror of the elevator.

However, is it only given to fix the makeup and folds of the saree, or is there any other reason?

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The main reason behind having elevator mirrors is safety. It is not possible for you to turn your face and see what the person next to or behind you is doing. But if you have a mirror, you will know it very easily.

At first, elevators were only found in aristocratic homes and luxury hotels. Their lives were in doubt there. Mirrors are installed to overcome that fear.

Having a mirror is also very helpful for wheelchair users. If they need to move forward or backward inside the elevator, they can easily see how much space is behind them by looking at the mirror.

Fear of small and confined spaces, many people have this phobia. For which he is afraid to get on the Taralift. A mirror works to overcome this fear.

If the mirror is installed, the elevator seems to have a lot of space. The fear of getting trapped inside is also reduced a lot.

Those whose office is above the multi-storey, spend a lot of time in the elevator. That time is not much though.

Even so, they find it annoying to be in the elevator for that period of time. Because there is nothing to do but stand silently inside.

And there is no comparison to the mirror to break this boredom. You will not know when you will reach the destination floor just by looking at yourself.

A few minor issues while using the elevator

  • Don’t rush to get on the elevator. Line up the elevator and get off
  • Wait patiently without worrying if the lift gets stuck midway for some reason. Press the emergency button
  • Allow the patient to board the hospital elevator first
  • Avoid talking loudly in elevators.
  • Do not look at yourself in the elevator mirror in such a way that all attention is drawn to you.
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