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Only 20 seconds a day hug the child will be healthy!

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According to researchers 20 seconds of hug from parents every day is important for children

A little gentle caressing a baby throughout the day can make it livelier than other babies. The child will become smart. The body will also be healthy. A group of researchers in the United States is claiming this.

According to researchers, 20 seconds of hug from parents every day is important for children. It also strengthens the child’s bond with the parents. Because sensory stimulation is very necessary for children to grow normally. Touch, especially cuddling, is a great stimulator for babies’ brains and healthy bodies. It makes the child smart.

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No matter how well fed, without regular touch from the parents, all the nutrients of the baby fail. Oxytocin hormone plays an important role in the physical development of the baby. It is known as the love hormone. This hormone is released when the baby is hugged. Also many other hormones become active, which play a role in physical development.

Hugs are also important for good health. The release of the hormone oxytocin also boosts the immune system of the baby. It also reduces the plasma level of thyroid hormone in the body. Because of this, the child’s wound heals quickly.

Cuddling is also essential for a child’s emotional well-being. Notice, if the baby is angry or crying, when the mother caresses, the baby stops crying.

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