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E-Cigarettes: Smartness or Threat?

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E cigarettes are known as an alternative to regular cigarettes

E-cigarettes are known as an alternative to regular cigarettes. Which is currently very popular among young people called vaping. Today, e-cigarettes have become one of the sources of fashion among the young society. This fashion is becoming the tomorrow of their healthy life.

We are all familiar with the common saying “smoking is injurious to health”. Smoking is not like drinking poison. So many are choosing e-cigarettes as an alternative to quit smoking. Many people have the misconception that e-cigarettes help to quit smoking. But like cigarettes, this electronic cigarette is very harmful to health.

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Every day 442 people lose their lives due to the terrible aggression of tobacco. In the meantime, e-cigarettes are becoming known among the young society in the name of smartness. Despite some steps taken by the government to control tobacco, Bangladesh still has the highest rate of tobacco use among South Asian countries.

Strengthening of tobacco control laws will stop the importation of e-cigarettes in the country as well as reduce the consumption of tobacco and at the same time reduce its serious health and economic losses in the country.
E-cigarette smoke doubles the risk of cancer. Various types of physical complications also occur. According to researchers, e-cigarettes contain chemicals that can cause lung disease and respiratory infections.

Tobacco manufacturing companies are constantly attracting young people through various campaigns. They are using social media to reach the youth easily. Increases the political influence of tobacco companies and creates obstacles to the implementation of tobacco control laws. Tobacco companies get an opportunity to introduce their brands especially to the youth. Create positive attitude of youth towards smoking. That is why tobacco control laws need to be stricter to save the young generation from the dangers of e-cigarettes.

There is no public health protection justification for allowing the sale of these new addictive and harmful products. Data and experience from other countries show that allowing the sale of e-cigarettes, HTP or nicotine products could have an adverse impact on public health in Bangladesh. Heated tobacco products or e-cigarettes have been banned in 32 countries around the world including India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore.
Uncontrolled use of e-cigarettes is a cause of premature death. Young people are more vulnerable. It has been banned by law in various countries of the world. To address the harms of direct and indirect smoking, we also need to strengthen tobacco control laws in our country and ban all emerging tobacco and nicotine products.

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