Sunday, April 14, 2024

We women will touch the sky

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We women will touch the sky

On Saturday 9th March 2024, a special women’s meeting ‘Amra Nari Akash Chhob’ was held with the participation of hundreds of enlightened women. On the occasion of celebrating Women’s Day-2024, this event, organized by the initiative of ‘Alo Diye Jai’, with the participation of only women, becomes unique in the light of femininity. Heartfelt thanks, eternal gratitude, humble greetings to all the 116 women whose participation made this evening colorful.

At the same time, we extend our sincere condolences to all those whom we were unable to invite due to venue constraints despite their strong interest in participating. We strongly hope that next year, with the support and cooperation of all of you, this initiative will be taken on a larger scale.

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Two enlightened women have sponsored us for this event – they are Shamim Ara, the friendly barrister of every event of Alo Di Jay, and Sabina Sharmin, owner of Toronto Bangla Fashion and multifaceted personality. Our sincere thanks and gratitude to them.

Thank you to those who volunteered and self-motivated to donate greetings for various events. Shayla Rahman, Kaniz Fatema Chowdhury, She Next Fashion, Nasreen Sultana (Hena Nasreen), Nazmun Nahar Naz, Kathamani, Shaheda Alam, Samantha Mahin are among them. Let’s shine our thanks, gratitude and best wishes to them.

Kavita Bhabhi (wife of Red Hot Tandoori owner Rafiq Bhai) and our friend Laila Sharmin Moni, one of the founders of Fair Fusion, gave two cakes for this event. Our thanks and gratitude to them.

At the end of the event, the wonderful prizes of the raffle draw were awarded to Morshed Nizam CPA, Barrister Omar Al Zahid, Shafiq Ahmed, Rokeya Sultana Shelley, Folkfest visionary Ujjal Das and cultural personality Himadri Roy. Our sincere gratitude for their support and cooperation. constant respect

In this event with the participation of hundreds of women, the well-known Priyamukh of Toronto, Suhrid Shamim Chowdhury of Alo Di Jai, has come forward with free sound support – we are extremely grateful to him. Thank you very much Shamim brother. Round-the-clock assistance in sound control was the talented young reciter Arian Haque. Many thanks to Ariane.

The media partner in this event was the well-known energetic organizer, culture activist Kamran Karim and his newly launched Facebook and YouTube based ‘BDC Television’. With the deep interest and sincerity with which Kamran Karim gave the live report of this event – it is in one word excellent. We wish success to Kamran Karim and BDC Television.

Bandages on legs, great difficulty in walking – even then Priyamukh Nasreen Sultana, known as ‘Henna Nasreen’, did a wonderful photobooth with the entire event on crutches. No matter how much I thank him for his sincerity, it will not be enough.

Rashed Shaon, who is already known to all, has taken amazing pictures with the camera. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Shaun.

Those who participated in various episodes, conducted various episodes, served as judges, shared our various posters during the campaign phase, those who gave wonderful posts on social media after the event, shared pictures, wished and congratulated us on Facebook or phone, feedback us in various ways. We are very thankful and grateful to everyone who gave constructive feedback.

Another name is not to be remembered separately with special gratitude – he is one of the charioteers of Alo Diye Jai, who selflessly plays an amazing role behind the scenes in every event – our dear man Dewan Motaher, Motaher’s brother.

Our sincere thanks to all those who worked tirelessly behind this event. I would like to mention the names of Farzana Chowdhury Bindu, Farhana Ahmed, Shapla Shaluq, Flora Nasreen Eva, Lina de Costa, Hasina Hanif Hussey, Zebun Nessa Zereen, Shikha Akhtari Ahmed and lighting worker Laila Sharmin Moni among many others. This event has been made possible by their collective hard work, dedication and sincerity. Deepest gratitude of Alo Di Jai to every worker behind this event.

We were not lacking in sincerity, there was no error in our efforts – still we sincerely regret and apologize for any unintentional mistakes in this arrangement. We will certainly be more careful and more careful in organizing fairer and more universally acceptable arrangements in the future.

We debut on May 20, 2022 with the hope of shedding some light on the collective path we are on, in the home of our senses. We have received everyone’s support, participation, and generous hand of cooperation in all our journeys, including this event. This is our greatest strength, courage and motivation to move forward.

With everyone’s continued love, support, and cooperation, ‘Let’s go with the light’ will go a long way with small steps – this is our hope and sincere belief.

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