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Women and media in Bangladesh

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Everyone should be made aware to increase respect for women in the society

In Bangladesh, women were always degraded in the media. Now also? Once upon a time, Bengali films used to start with rape scenes. It was closed a few years ago. But now teaching sexual harassment. Example: Currently a popular drama in Bangladesh is called Bachelor Point. What is being taught or shown. There is a character named Habu. That middle age. His only addiction is to hold the hands of work boys. Here are some tips on how to be sexually harassed at work. Many of his dialogues have also gained popularity.

Another character is Pasha who doesn’t like Habu’s behavior but he easily befriends other girl friends. He intimidates the girls. He thinks that girls are products! Even the landlord wants to make love with his wife who is about 50 years old.

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Another main character is Kabila. A girl’s love affair with him is only discussed on the phone. That girl talks on social media, talks to Khalu and Kabila abuses her all the time because of these reasons. Call him characterless. And when this Kabila puts his hand on any girl, the girl wants to chat with her friends, what more!

This Kabila wants to have a relationship with friends and girlfriends. When a girl comes to their mess, there is a kind of competition between them who will hug first.

In this year 2021 and the way girls are being presented in this drama, no respect is being shown to girls.

It’s just a play. In almost every drama, advertisement women are degraded.

All those involved in the women’s movement in Bangladesh will be urged to provide gender awareness training to those involved in the media. Not just wishing women on Women’s Day, but holding a seminar or a fair. Everyone should be made aware to increase respect for women in the society.

Nesar Ahmed
Social worker
Toronto, Canada.

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