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An Ontario school is in mourning after the deaths of five

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A private school north of Toronto is deeply saddened by the death of five family members in a plane crash in Nashville

A private school north of Toronto has expressed deep grief and sorrow over the deaths of five members of the same family in a plane crash in Nashville. Viktor Dotsenko, 43, his wife Rima Dotsenko, 39, and their three children, son David, 12, Adam, 10, and daughter Emma, seven, were killed in a single-engine plane crash on March 4. The plane crashed on the side of the highway.

The family lived in King Township, 50 kilometers north of Toronto. They were the only passengers on the plane.

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UMCA Rich Tree Academy said the family was part of the school community for many years. David, Adam and Emma lit up the hallways and were very positive towards teachers and friends. The children’s parents have always been closely involved with the school community. They will miss the family very much.

The mayor of King City called the death a heartbreaking and great loss for the community.

The aircraft was piloted by Viktor Dotsenko. He radioed air traffic controllers that his engine had shut down. The Transport Safety Board of Canada has sent a delegation there to assist in the investigation led by US authorities.

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