Wednesday, February 28, 2024

The Yukon government continues to advance the integration of health services.

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The Government of Yukon is committed to taking action to improve the Yukon’s health care system and make it more integrated and person-centered, as recommended in the Putting People First report. The Yukon government is making progress toward this objective by aligning essential health services across the health care system in a manner that will enable Yukoners to receive better and more seamless care.

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The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) of the Yukon will join the Department of Health and Social Services on April 1st. This will take into consideration closer joint effort among EMS and other wellbeing administrations, for example, Local area Nursing and Mental Health and Substance Use Administrations. As Yukoners move through the health care system, it will help to improve overall coordination, increase EMS’s role, and improve community health care coverage.

Support and upholding of the close working relationship between EMS and other areas of emergency response will continue.

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