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Google will pay $74 million a year to Canadian media

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Due to the new law of the Canadian government the technology company Google will have to pay 74 million or 74 million US dollars a year to the Canadian media

Due to the new law of the Canadian government, the technology company Google will have to pay 74 million or 74 million US dollars annually to the Canadian media. Google has an agreement with the Canadian government in this regard.

As reported by the news agency AP, Google will have to pay this 74 million US dollars a year as a part of the revenue that will be generated from the content or half of the Canadian media published on social media.

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Because of the agreement, Google will no longer be able to remove content or content from Canadian media. But Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has not been showing Canadian news media since the beginning of this year.

Canadian Minister Pascal Saint-Onge said that Google will give 74 million US dollars a year as financial support to Canadian media. This price will, however, be adjusted for inflation.

In a press conference, Saint-Onge also said that the deal is good for Canadian media. However, if there is an agreement elsewhere in the world for a higher price, then Canada reserves the right to consider the agreement.

At the same time, Facebook has been put on the table by Saint-Onge. He said, ‘We have made a fair agreement with Google. This means that the law works. But now Facebook has to answer why they have left their platform for wrong and false information. Why are they doing this without taking news from our media?

The Online News Act was passed in Canada at the end of June this year. In the light of this law, if any social media is part of the media or disseminates news or uses it for any other purpose, the publisher has to pay for it. But in view of this law, Meta Canada media outlets have stopped publishing or promoting news on their platforms. Google’s parent company Alphabet also initially wanted to follow Meta’s path, although they ultimately did not follow that path.

According to Mater, the Government of Canada’s Online News Act is based on misconceptions. Meta Media is believed to profit from publishing half of its news on its platform, but according to the company, the reality is just the opposite.

Because of this, Meta has stopped broadcasting news, video-audio published in Canadian media on their platform. This means that people living in Canada cannot see news, videos or audio published by publishers in that country on Facebook and Instagram. However, the links posted by Canadian outlets appear to be from other countries.

Pascal Saint-Onge called Mater’s initiative irresponsible. He said Canadian media outlets are laying off staff or closing down altogether. Canadian journalism has never been at such risk.

In contrast to Matter’s initiative, the Canadian government said earlier this year that it would stop running ads on Facebook and Instagram.

However, this is not the first time Meta has taken such action, earlier in 2021 they did the same in Australia. Later, however, they signed an agreement with Australian publishers.

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