Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Federal Government Providing Canadians with the necessary dental care

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It should be possible for everyone to eat well and visit the dentist when they need to. However, global inflation is having a real impact on the cost of living, and many Canadians are struggling with it. Because of this, we took action last year to provide specialized assistance to those who require it the most, and Budget 2023 continues to provide the much-needed relief.

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On 31st March, Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister, spoke about how Budget 2023—A Made-in-Canada Plan: Solid Working Class, Reasonable Economy, Sound Future will assist individuals with getting the dental consideration they need and make life more reasonable for Canadians.

Before the current year’s over, we will start carrying out the Canadian Dental Consideration Plan. By 2025, the plan will be fully implemented and cover up to nine million Canadians’ dental costs. This was bolstered by an ongoing, permanent funding of $4.4 billion and an investment in Budget 2023 of $13 billion over five years beginning in 2023 and 2024. These investments build on the Canada Dental Benefit for kids, which was launched last year and has helped more than 250,000 kids in Canada get the dental care they need and deserve.

The federal government is also working with the provinces and territories to provide people with access to family health care teams, clear backlogs, and support front-line health care workers in order to provide better health care to Canadians.

Our strategy for ensuring a healthy future for Canadians from coast to coast, making life more affordable, and continuing to be there for people when they need us most is outlined in Budget 2023.

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