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The importance of age difference between husband and wife

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In our country for years there is a belief that a man should marry a girl younger than him. It is also believed that married life is good in this way. However, same-age marriages have also increased in recent times. Not only that, many men prefer to marry or love older girls too.

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Marriage is a commitment between two people, which they make to each other. Both have to change many old habits and things in order to live well together.

However, experts say that there are biological, physical, psychological and financial reasons behind this age difference between husband and wife. Age has a profound effect on personality. It is also important for a person’s maturity. Although there may be many exceptions to this, which cannot be completely ruled out.

biological aspect
If biologically based, there should be an age difference between men and women. Signs of aging appear much later in men than in women. Women start to look older quickly, so young girls should be married as a result.

mental aspect
As one matures mentally, mental stagnation begins to set in. In that case the balance of the relationship is maintained due to the age gap. Such relationship is always good and not boring.

Financial security
Financial security and stability comes with age. A person who is still struggling or has just started working, may face problems in managing the household. From this point of view, it is right to have an age gap between a man and a woman for marriage.

relationship problems
Love is important in every relationship. If the husband is older, he will love the younger wife more. It will maintain the sweetness of the relationship. Also the condition of women related to menopause and pregnancy also supports the fact that relationships work better when the girl is younger.

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