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A Kamal and some sweet memories

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Normal readers could know about foreign via the department from exile

The department was very popular from Bizarre’s expatriation. What Chatbox today was a personal ad. In exchange for money, this medium of speaking the mind of a woman man was the inventor of Bichitra’s editor Shahadat Chowdhury.

I also told myself through personal ads. Did I know then that one day Facebook, Twitter (now X), Instagram, WhatsApp or TikTok will be discovering this! I was also famous as an author. I once have been in the literature world from the correspondence or personal advertising world. The only exception in this case is that I migrated from the world of literature to the world of literature and currently the father of 50 books.

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Normal readers could know about foreign via the department from exile. In the early 1980s, so many people hadn’t been abroad. At that time, many from countries in the Middle East, America and Europe wrote in departure from exile. Shafiuddin Kamal was one of the few who wrote regularly from New York. He specially wrote on how to migrate to America, how students can come to America, how to set and write about community issues.

I was the responsibility of the departure page at the time. From there I contact Kamal brother. When I first went to New York in 2000, I met Kamal Brother. friendship from seeing. In fact, I decided to migrate to Canada with his advice.

Then 50 years passed. It didn’t go without the importance of meeting with Kamal brother. Now Kamal brother is an established businessman. I saw him in business in 2000. He spent four decades in the United States. I was at Kamal Vi’s house all the time at the book fair in New York.

He and his family have given me a lot of hospitality, to say, Kamal’s brother didn’t leave me alone for a whole week. He lives in Jamaica with a sweet family. Wife and two daughters Arshi and Momashi. There is a wonderful quality in Kamal brother is that he is very responsible and takes any matter seriously and can explain it with reason as possible. Don’t avoid like others. Life is really beautiful. Memories always come back sweet.

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