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For the well-being of epilepsy patients

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Pleasant undisturbed and deep sleep is very important for epilepsy patients

Pleasant, undisturbed and deep sleep is very important for epilepsy patients. Along with taking regular medicines and taking other measures, timely and healthy uninterrupted sleep is essential for good health.

But the drugs used to treat epilepsy often cause sleepiness. And if there is no sleep, the difficulties of epileptic patients increase. Therefore, to stay healthy, epilepsy patients should be given enough sleep. For this, sleeping pills should be taken if necessary. Good sleep is possible if you follow some things. What else needs to be done is –

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* Do not consume tea and coffee throughout the day except after breakfast

* Do not smoke or take any other drugs including bidi-cigarettes

* Avoiding behaviors that stimulate the brain

* Always be happy and cheerful or spend time doing something you like

* Going to bed a little earlier at night and without going to bed on time in the morning.

Adequate nighttime sleep in epilepsy is very effective in controlling the disease. Epilepsy or epilepsy patients should not stay awake at night studying, gossiping, working. Lack of sleep at night can cause many problems.

It is not advisable to rush an epileptic patient in deep sleep.

He should be called on time. If he suddenly gets up and starts walking or running fast, a seizure may begin. So after waking up, you have to get up slowly from bed for some time. All the families of epilepsy patients should know this. Epileptics need a dark, oxygen-rich and noise-free environment for healthy sleep.

Throwing away the thoughts of agitation, anxiety, worry and fear and wandering in a blissful sleep in a clean, soft and comfortable bed, he can live a normal and rhythmic life with all the problems of epilepsy relieved.

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