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Crypto King’s Post Worries Investors

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He posted the video hours after police announced charges of fraud and money laundering against Aiden Platerski last week

Former investors reported seeing the self-proclaimed crypto king’s posts on social media. They expressed concern that he was spending their money and that this display of wealth was an indication of him.

He posted the video hours after police announced last week that Aiden Platersky had been charged with fraud and money laundering. There she is seen dancing and lip-syncing to a song. There was no mention of him running a Ponzi scheme. But through that scheme, he stole more than 4 million dollars from the investors.

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While it’s hard to say when the video was recorded, it shows Platersky in the hallway of a home and not during his luxury trips to Los Angeles, London or Miami.

Vanessa LaFolla of Antifraud Intelligence Consulting said in an interview, “If you’re the owner of that kind of wealth and have a well-known travel history and a well-to-do lifestyle, I don’t think why would the Crown say you’re down to earth.” Your wings are clipped. stay at home

The 25-year-old from Whitby, Ontario, has bailed at $100,000 with his parents signing as guarantors. Along with that, the court ordered him to stay in his house. Other restrictions imposed on Platerski include staying away from bus stations, train stations, airports and border crossings.

Justin Villeneuve, a lawyer involved in the case, said the restrictions on not spending money that isn’t his are too low.

The bail conditions also restricted the use of his online channels to sell his investment products, once widely promoted on social media. However, recently, in February, evidence of violation of this condition was found against him, police said.

According to bankruptcy documents, he invested only 1.6 percent of the money collected from investors and spent $15.9 million on his personal life. He was photographed on a private jet and video of the supercar parked outside his rented Burlington mansion.

According to the documents, the lenders have so far recovered $350,000. Of this, $90,000 came from Platersky’s parents.

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