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The boy had a seven year relationship with the girl The girl studied in our department Name is Mohana

The boy had a seven-year relationship with the girl. The girl studied in our department. Name is Mohana.

Brother’s name was Shams. Lived in our hall. Three batches of seniors. I never saw him without a smile. Such a polite boy was hard to find in the entire campus. He loved the girl like crazy. The two were often seen walking hand in hand in the campus. Shams Bhai used to let go of his hands and give a shy smile when he met our eyes!

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Sometimes I would wake up at three or four in the morning and see my brother standing in a corner of the corridor of the hall still playing Gujur Gujur!

The lack of a job changed that relationship so much!

By that time, my brother had completed his master’s degree. He stayed in the hall for another year and a half because he was not getting a job. The girl left after one year of completing her Masters. Why don’t you go, beautiful girl, a marriage proposal has arrived at home, that boy is again a cadre of procession.

→ Before leaving, the girl said, “You don’t get a job, you don’t have qualifications, so why did you come to love?”

After the breakup, my brother often came to my room to smoke cigarettes. Always had some BCS book in hand. He would smoke for hours and sometimes he would tell the story of his life. The kitchen corner of the house is broken, elder sister is of marriageable age, father has retired again this year etc. Sometimes he would stop talking and stare at the ceiling fan. What was he thinking? Maybe that thought is beyond our grasp!

After one and a half years of Masters, Shams Bhai was thrown out of the hall. Those who had come so far to get Shams Bhai’s help were kicked out by Shams Bhai himself.

On the day he left, tears were falling from his eyes. After finishing the class at the university, I saw that my brother was preparing to leave. Seeing me with tears in his eyes, he said with a smile, “Whatever you do, don’t go to love, brother. Life will turn you into ashes.” I wrote the words on paper and hung them on the wall!

The above words are almost years and decades ago.

I have been trying for a long time to get in touch with a customs officer, especially Vishesht, an elder brother of the university, on an immigration matter. Then we get more help. What I found out about the search news, my head started to spin. Shams brother is now a famous customs officer of Dhaka Airport!

One day I went to my brother’s office. Bhai was sitting on one side of the shiny secretariat table, saw me with a big smile and came forward and hugged me. After that, it was about family life. I said, I am not married yet, bohemian life is good. Asking about his brother, he said that he is married. There is also a toddler. Bhabhi is a doctor at Salimullah Medical.

For a long time, a word was playing in the mind; Finally, I asked, “Don’t you remember Mohana, brother?” With a big smile, he said, “Nareh. What I wanted in life, I got much more than him. I don’t care about all these petty wants anymore.”

I asked, “Did you get any news from Mohan?” He remained silent for a while and said, “I heard that there was a divorce a year ago. After that, I didn’t get any news.”

On the way back together in the brother’s car, one of the words said by the brother often resonates in the ears “Don’t cheat anyone in life. Life doesn’t spare anyone, it spares with revenge. Revenge of nature!”

Really, life changes colors very much!

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