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Serious swagger in a bag – Field Made launches new series of lens ID labels

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Adding some serious swagger and much needed savvy to the photographer’s camera bag just got easier.

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In celebration of its first year anniversary, Field Made Co, a leader in camera lens ID labels, is proud to introduce its new lineup of Minimalist Lens Indicator packs that have been custom-designed to fit perfectly on the world’s most popular lenses, including those made by industry leaders Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fuji.

Available in three styles – classic black, silver and gold foil – Field Made lens ID labels take the guesswork out of what it’s in your bag, add some sizzle to your kit and bring a new level of efficiency to your shoots.

“I was on location doing a complicated shoot and I was constantly changing lenses to get the right look,” explains Field Made co-founder Jean-Francois Mailhot. “Like every other photographer I know, I was wasting time searching for the right lens because every lens end cap looks the same.

“We (Mailhot and his partner Vivian) decided to create high quality, professionally designed lens ID labels for our own use. Not only did they do the job perfectly but they looked great and added another level of professionalism to the camera bag.”

Vivian notes that before they created their exclusive line of lens ID labels, their gear bag looked eerily similar to all others – pieces of green or blue tape randomly slapped on the lens cap with hand-scribbled notes detailing the lens.

“We wanted to upgrade our photographic experience by organizing our gear, making it easier to find the right lens,” Vivian says. “Photographers take great pride in their equipment and I always thought it was a shame to put a cheap-looking piece of tape on a very expensive lens. It just looked so unprofessional and sloppy.”

Made from durable scuff resistant matt vinyl, Field Made lens ID labels are custom made for each lens manufacturer’s cap. The lens information is clearly marked and features an instantly recognizable, brand-friendly colour code to ensure you’ve got the right lens for the right body.

The Field Made Minimalist Lens Indicator packs – designed for those who like a clean, simple look – will contain multiple labels of each brand’s most popular lenses. The Classic Style pack is $29.99 CDN. The Gold/Silver Style pack is $34.99 CDN.

“We had a very specific idea of who we wanted to serve and how we wanted to build that relationship,” said Vivian. “We know and share the passion our customers have for creating beautiful and spectacular images. We also know the passion and pride they have in their gear. Our lens indicators add that extra level of sophistication our customers want.

To extend the relationship with their creative customers, Field Made has also just released two essentials for the busy shooter – The Assignment Field Book and the Memo Field Book. The Assignment Field Book is a classic clothbound hardcover notebook –  5 ¼ “ x 7 ¼”, 160 recycled pages – designed to help you plan and organize shoots. It also serves as a ‘blueprint’ reference tool for future projects, saving time when you need to recreate the same style of images.  The Memo Field Book – which is actually 3 pocket notebooks –  features a durable textured cover wrapped around 48 3 ½” x 5 ½” recycled sheets. The left hand sheet features lined paper for notes and the facing page features an X-grid so you can map out your shooting configurations.

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