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2 killed in gun attack in Canada

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2 killed in gun attack in Canada

2 young men killed in gun attack at a wedding ceremony in Ottawa, Canada. The attack took place at a convention center on Gibford Drive last Saturday night (September 2) local time.

Six others were injured when gunmen opened fire in the parking area of the reception venue. News CNN, AFP.
Two weddings were organized simultaneously at the venue.

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At the funeral, the guests who came there were panicked after hearing the sound of gunshots. Many tried to run and find safe shelter.

An eyewitness told news agency AFP, “Suddenly the commotion started.” Everyone is running, but not sure where they are going. This time the firing was very rapid. People were screaming in fear. After a pause, the firing was again fired. I heard 15 to 16 gunshots.

Ottawa police said one of the two youths shot dead was 26-year-old Said Mohammed Ali, the other 29-year-old Abdishakur Abdi-Dahir. They came from Toronto. Among the 6 injured are US citizens.

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