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Suzanne Clark, President and CEO of the United States Chamber of Commerce, is met by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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Prime Minister Trudeau noted the importance of strategic investments that create good manufacturing and research jobs in clean energy

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Suzanne Clark, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, on April 19.

The Prime Minister and Ms. Clark discussed ongoing efforts to grow our economies and create good, middle-class jobs in both countries, building on President Biden’s successful visit to Canada last month. State leader Trudeau and Ms. Clark likewise talked about the urgent job of rules-based, moderate exchange that maintains ecological and work guidelines and guarantees comprehensive monetary development.

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Prime Minister Trudeau emphasized the significance of strategic investments that result in the creation of high-quality manufacturing and research jobs in clean energy, such as the supply chains for renewable energy and electric vehicles and the critical minerals value chain, in order to enhance economic security and open up opportunities for individuals and businesses on both sides of the border.

In addition, the Prime Minister emphasized the significance of engaging the private sector, including through public-private partnerships, to further advance North American competitiveness and working together to construct integrated, sustainable, and competitive economies in both nations.

Head of the state Trudeau and Ms. Clark anticipated talking more about these issues from now on.

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