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Always familiar, yet unknown

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The following Wednesday Belayet returned home very upset Amira says I think I will not go there this Friday Amira gets up with happiness and says Really It will be very good

At this stage of her husband’s addiction, Bella needed to seek the help of an addiction counselor or an organization/professional like CAMH (The Center for Addiction and Mental Health). But instead of doing that, Bella pushed her brother into the dark world of addiction through unconsciousness and emotion. In this way, many people in the world cause their own danger through ignorance or emotion. Bela watches her husband, brother, Bellay and gradually succumb to the clutches of addiction. And though it was a bit late to know, Amira wasted some more time shedding tears. Had professional help been taken at the right time, Belayet and Ahmed could have been freed from the clutches of addiction long ago, and Amira’s family might have survived.

The following Wednesday Belayet returned home very upset. Amira says, I think I will not go there this Friday. Amira gets up with happiness and says, ‘Really? It will be very good. We will leave the children with my sister to watch the movie. Belayet said angrily, you are with your plot! I lost at cards and borrowed ten thousand dollars, I have to pay them that money on Friday. Or they will hold my car hostage, sell it and recover the money. My head is not working, today Mickey threatened me with a knife in my stomach. Hearing this, Amira’s head became dizzy. As soon as he stopped and sat on the ground, Belayet got bored and went to the balcony to grab the ganja. After a while, Amira went to the balcony to look for Belayet and saw him eating ganja and said, “Are you doing this at home?” Belayet laughed and said, “It’s my turn to marry a stupid bastard like you!” Can’t pay my debt, can’t give any emotional support. Stop your panpanany of tunes. Give me some peace.’

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Then begins the most bizarre chapter of their family life. They lose all respect, love and respect from each other. Amira just says, ‘How can I repay your debt? You did not let me study at the university, never let me work to build my own career! Today, how can I help you in this foreign country? Despite crying profusely, all the hope of her life was extinguished, only to hold the children and gain strength to survive. Just think, how to raise the children.

Amira does not recognize Belayet these days. How he has become a different person. The person who used to be late in going to the office would repeatedly go back to caress Amira, who would say by video call whenever there was a gap in the office, ‘I see a little smile, don’t give me an umma virtually!’ He doesn’t get it. Maybe she’s in the kitchen making the kids breakfast, or maybe she’s brushing one of their teeth in the bathroom, and comes back to find Belayet gone. Belayet was always affectionate even as a child. Every day he returned home with something in his hand. When it was time to return to Belayet, the children would stand on the porch and watch their father park the car, and throw a flying kiss at Belayet and the porch.

Then the children would run and hide behind the door before he got on the elevator. As soon as Amira opened the door, Belayet would hand them a lollipop, or a toy, something or the other from behind the door one by one. Then he would pick up the two children one by one. But what happened to that! Last whole week, Belayet got out of the car and did not look at the balcony even once, seeing the children’s black faces, Amira told many stories! When it was time for her to return home, Belayet returned home empty-handed with the children running and waiting at the door, and with the children hiding behind the door as usual, Belayet quietly entered her room. Other times he would hug Amira first and give her a little kiss no matter how busy Amira was. But in these few days, everything became strange, nothing remained the same.

After returning home from work, having a bite to eat with the kids, Belayet started consuming marijuana one after another. Amira slowly realizes that cannabis is actually her biggest enemy. That is what drove his belayat away from him. He only thought of ways to escape. He ran to various people for advice. In his three-year life in Canada, no other acquaintances have come to this apartment building except his three foreign girlfriends, younger sister, and Nanad. He was living in a very domestic manner, the outside world was unknown to him.

In the afternoon, while walking with the children, he met his neighbor Liana in the park. Amira led the kids to the park swings and sat down next to Liana. Liana was sitting on a park bench smoking. Seeing Amira he instinctively held out a cigarette, Amira jumped at the chance. Just yesterday she saw in a play, to keep her husband in control, she has to cooperate with all his good and bad deeds. Liana watched in amazement as Amira clumsily, with trembling hands, lit the fire with deslai, coughed before the end of the sequence, and turned her head to sit on the bench. He was surprised and said, ‘First time? Do not say before? sorry If I had known before, I would not have reached you. You throw it away.’

Amira forced a little laugh and said, ‘No, not the first time, how many times have I eaten with Belayet?’ She began to cough. Kashte Kashtei said, ‘I love it, I missed it so much. I left mine at home, sorry.’
Amira started panting after talking so many lies. The children are back from the swings by then. Suddenly seeing the children, Amira runs with them to the door of the building.

When Belayet returned home in the evening, Amira quietly removed two cigarettes from his pocket. He has to get used to it now, so that Belayet spends the weekend with him instead of spending time with his friends. Eyes roll, tears roll down his cheeks – finally stealing? Even from the husband’s pocket? And such a thing, which he hates with all his heart, considers as his enemy, and the husband from whom he wants to be saved, he takes him?

Belayet has wanted Amira to have a drink with him many times since marriage, how many times he has taken her to many places! But he could never get Amira to have a drink with him. Friends often teased her about this, but Belayet took it easy, never pushing Amira. Because, he loves Amira a lot and noticed that the smell of alcohol makes Amira vomit, and drinking is far away! When he was pouring the drink in the cup before going to bed tonight, he looked at Amira and said, will you take a little? To Belayet’s surprise, Amira came forward and grabbed the glass quite aggressively, finishing all the whiskey in one gulp. Surprised, Belayet says, “What, Baba!” You are a strange eater! Where have you been all this time? What do you play? A water, or whiskey? Eat like this? You have to eat by filling…’. Belayet again poured a peg into the glass and lit a cigarette. Amira sat down next to him. Belayet was surprised to see Amira’s bold, sexy, misty, and at the same time aggressive Amira was revealed to Belayet. Amira is immersed in a cycle, she goes back to the days of the past, while Belayet enjoys the unprecedented moment of the present. He is very happy with Amira, unable to reconcile with the rest of the night, Amira, whom he has known for so long. Belayet feels completely satisfied, he loves Amira very much. (to be continued…)

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