Sunday, July 21, 2024

Statement regarding Sheridan’s Foundations for Equitable Practice training

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Sheridan is aware of a recently publicized arbitration decision that’s resulted in media coverage and online discussion surrounding the contents and public availability of training material for employees and students related to equity, diversity and inclusion.

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The Foundations for Equitable Practice training that Sheridan provides is hosted on a learning management system accessible to current employees and students. This is standard practice for all of Sheridan’s mandatory training modules as it provides the optimal learning environment for hosting multi-modal material that includes assessment tools and tracking of completion in ways a website cannot.

The Foundations for Equitable Practice is one of many mandatory training modules that are required for members of our community and covers three overarching themes: human rights, unconscious bias, and oppression and racism. This training is proprietary and not publicly available as its contents are a component piece of Sheridan’s work with external organizations in this space.

Sheridan is deeply proud of this work and its long-standing commitment to fostering an inclusive environment. This mandatory training is but one part of that effort. It aims to help people understand how past actions have negatively impacted diverse learners, and to create spaces that enable our students, faculty and staff to thrive.

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