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Some fugitives in this village

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No ordinary vehicles ply here boats being the only means of transport on the waterways

Some Mediterranean fugitives founded this village in 1230 AD. Calm and gentle environment, crooked canals, small bridges made of wood and various flowers have enriched the village. Having visited different places in Holland, it seems that the beauty-hungry Dutch can decorate so beautifully… live so beautifully…

No ordinary vehicles ply here, boats being the only means of transport on the waterways. Pictures made of scenery of a beautiful village called Giethoorn’ or Giethoorn in Holland. The word Khithurn means goat’s horn. This name is given to the natives here. Gramkhani is 100 km away from Amsterdam. The houses here look like farmhouses. Only 2600 people live in this village. A quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s like a fairy tale.

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Tourists flock from mid-April to mid-October. Village full of 18th century farmhouses. These 200-year-old houses have been kept as before. Each house has stairs leading down to the canal. There are more than 4 miles of canals. Above it is a wooden bridge. There are more than 180 bridges. The history of this village is about 800 years old. There are no major roads yet and no normal vehicles ply here. There are strict restrictions on general vehicles. This rule has changed a bit recently due to the influx of tourists. Villagers are now allowed to ride bicycles. Githorn is dressed up in different costumes throughout the year. Githorn is covered in snow in winter. The canals freeze and freeze. There is ice skating.

Most of the time, water travel is done here. The main attraction for tourists is the boat here. Tourists can go there and hire motorized boats. They run on electric motors. The raw market of this village, the delivery of goods and even the restaurant is done by boat. Everything is small here. Houses, canals, population, boats and supermarkets are also very small in size. As the village is right in the middle of the Netherlands, tourists from different countries of the world can easily come here. The desire of the beauty-crazed Dutch to live in a strangely beautiful way has emerged in the village.

Toronto, Canada

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