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Sokhi valobasha kare koy?

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Sokhi valobasha kare koy

I am in the street right in front of Mumud’s apartment. My ship arrived at Chittagong port this morning. This ship of mine, however, comes once every two months.

After crossing the gate of Mumud’s apartment, I parked the car a little in front. I am sitting inside the car hiding myself. The car is not mine. I am bringing a rent car.

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The whole apartment shines with the colorful lights of the wedding house. Sanai is playing. In the evening of the cloudy sky it seems to create a mist of melancholy together. However, the body is supposed to get tired in the cold wind that blows in the month of March. But what is stuck inside me!

Mumu is yellow today.

I darkened the car and stared blankly at Mumud’s apartment in the dim light. A lot of things are rewinding on the canvas of memory. Mumu does not know that I am coming home. I didn’t feel the need to tell him.

Mumu announced her marriage three months ago. The vessel is known to us. Rana brother Works at NASA. A brilliant American pot. Someone misses such a boy! So I silently congratulated. This should not happen. I could never tell him that I love him. I didn’t even want to say.

He was always the moon for me. It was forbidden to see that moon from the roof of my mind. Always the hero number one type of boys used to stick behind Mumu like leeches. Mumu, however, enjoyed this attention a lot The fairies of this age actually do not love the average character instead of the hero. Bhanga Kulo way to throw big ash.

But Mumu will become someone else’s.. That thought started beating in the chest with Sanai’s tune. This is happening for last 3 months.

I am looking at Mumu’s flat in a desperate mood. Many people are moving in the house. I will be gone for a while. Let someone you know see me, no! No! I don’t want that.

A girl wearing a black burqa came out through the gate of Mumud’s apartment. I didn’t mind it. But as I approached my car, I staggered. The girl sat in the back seat of the car without giving me a chance to say anything. He said with a smile on his face.

Don’t create a scene. Take me down the main street.

i am shocked A shiver ran down my spine.

I started the car and came out of Mumu’s lane. I did not stop the car when I came to the main road. I got on the elevated highway.

Burqawali wanted to say something in his face. I stopped.

I said..

Mumu you don’t have to change your voice. Are you crazy! Make a movie or not??

Mumu remained silent for a long time. Then he took out his face from the burqa and said…

– I came to give a chance to vegetarians like you. You are a ship, traveling in seas. I will make love to the port. There will be no shortage of girls for a playboy like you; But I will never get Mumu like me. I will miss you all my life and miss you.

I did not answer him and said… How did you feel??

Mumu said..

-Listen! Girls also have an eye behind them. I was watching the car for a long time through the window. I swear I can understand from my room.. You are staring at my room with teary eyes. Thinking about you, I was getting dizzy.

Well, three months ago if you could have dared to say it.. then you wouldn’t have run away in movie style. you are so scared Disgusting!

I said..

Does anyone sit in economy class with first class ticket?? I know you better than you. You will never be happy with me. And I can’t see you unhappy. Besides, I couldn’t tell you anything because I’m stupid. I did not dare to hold your hand even once.

Mumu started laughing after listening to me…

Hearing this girl’s laugh still hurts my chest. It feels like someone is drowning my inner self.

Mumu mockingly said..

All sorrows are not to be counted, all are not to be burned. You will keep me well.. I have this faith. Moreover, love may fade with time.. but friendship should remain. We are friends before. And I didn’t leave the door open.

I said no more.

A line from Misty Girl’s song is playing in my head. Why is it spinning? Who knows!

Madhavi is decorated in the grave and the mind is dyed.

I alighted from the elevated express…and drove towards the port. Mumu where to take, where to keep? don’t know I just know that I can’t live without him. Nothing will work.

It has started to rain. An untimely shower of rain. Mumu opened the window of the car and wet her hands.

I look at it with fascination.

you say

love love..

Sokhi valobasha kare koy?

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